Start Showing Your Co-workers That You’re Thankful for Their Help


Declining a Modesto Job Offer

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s a great time to show appreciation to your co-workers for what they do for you all year round. You may even want to set your first New Year’s resolution – and make acknowledging your peers at work a regular practice, regardless of the season. Some of… Read more »

73 Percent of Professionals Don’t Love their Current Jobs: Are You One of Them?


PrideStaff Modesto | Improving Team Productivity

It’s tough to go to work every day when the thrill of the job is gone. Or maybe it was never there to begin with. According to one recent industry survey, this is the case for close to three quarters of professionals. Among more than 1,000 respondents, 38 percent said their work was “okay, I… Read more »

Solving & Overcoming Income Inequality


As reported by the White House, full-time working women receive 77 percent of their male counterparts’ salaries. April 20 was “equal pay payday,” representing how far a woman needed to work into 2015 to earn as much as a man did in 2014. And as cited by 77 percent of females and 63 percent of… Read more »

BREATHE … Overcome Job Search Stress!


A long job search can wear on your attitude, outlook, self-esteem, and even your physical health. Keep in mind that fear, stress and frustration are common side effects for job hunters – and you are not alone. But if the search is taking significantly longer than you anticipated, a few practical tips can help. Have… Read more »

Encouraging and Promoting the Growth and Development of Your Workforce


Encouraging their personal and professional growth shows your employees that you care about their progress and their future – and it inspires lasting loyalty. Here are some tips for offering learning and development to help all your team members improve: Do … Serve as a role model. Take an active part in your own professional… Read more »

Get Ahead … But Don’t Become a Workaholic!


Social Media and Hiring Opportunities in Modesto

  Hard work pays off. But overly long hours can throw off your delicate work-life balance and be harmful to your health and well-being. Being a hard worker is not the same as being a workaholic. Workaholism, like all addictions, becomes a recurring obsession as you practice repeated destructive behavior, despite knowing how harmful it… Read more »

How to Develop a Policy on Wearable Technology in the Workplace


Top HR Articles of 2014 | PrideStaff Modesto

Welcome to a new world of person-to-person surveillance where rules, boundaries and etiquette have yet to be established. Your HR team needs to upgrade its policy manual to address the opportunities and threats of wearable technologies, especially covert recording devices. For instance, two of the most touted wearable devices are smart glasses, with 100 million… Read more »

3 Strategies Behind Mentioning Unrelated Experience on Your Resume


Interview Tips and Best Practices in Modesto

Your resume is your personal sales brochure – often the first glimpse a prospective employer has of you as they consider you as a candidate. The last thing you want to do is waste resume space detailing work that has nothing to do with the job being offered. But at the same time, you don’t… Read more »

How to Respond When an Employee is Looking for Another Job


Why Top Employees Quit | PrideStaff Modesto

Losing a key employee is a major headache – and a problem that you’d certainly prefer to nip in the bud if possible. Unfortunately, when a person comes to you with their resignation, there’s usually not a lot you can do about it. But, if you inadvertently find out that an employee is looking elsewhere… Read more »

The Secret to a Flawless First Impression


Tips on Landing a Job After Graduating Near Modesto California

Congratulations: you’ve landed an interview for your dream job! You worked hard to get this far, and the last thing you want to do is make the wrong impression when you first meet your prospective employer. Your resume has provided a glimpse into your brand … but now, the real work begins. Prepare in Advance… Read more »