Whether your temporary job lasts a few days or several months, consider it an opportunity to stay up to date, learn new skills, build your professional network, and possibly open the door to a permanent role if that’s your goal.

How can you position yourself as a hard worker and a valuable part of the team, from the moment you arrive?

Make a good first impression.

Treat your assignment as a full-time job while you’re there. This begins on the very first day.

  • Dress appropriately. Check with your staffing agency ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the company’s dress code. Dressing too formally or too casually will draw unwanted attention to you and, depending on the position, may not even be practical or safe.
  • Be punctual. Plan to arrive 10 or 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled starting time. Punctuality is one of the most valued traits in any employee – temporary or permanent.
  • Be easy to train. Bring a notebook and pen so you can take notes. Ask questions that express your understanding of relevant concepts and details. Know who you can turn to for help and where to find information on your own, so you can be as self-sufficient as possible.

Be flexible.

Develop a “go with the flow” attitude and be ready to pivot with changes on the job. This is the very nature of temporary work – and another characteristic highly desired by employers.

  • Be patient. The temporary hiring process typically moves quickly, as a company realizes they need extra help on short notice. Your work area may not even be completely prepared when you arrive, or you may not get the thorough orientation and onboarding that permanent employees receive. Your patience and graciousness will be another feather in your cap.
  • Take the initiative when appropriate. Volunteer for and be ready to jump into any new assignments you’re given.

Stay positive and engaged.

Being a temp can be confusing or even difficult at first. Keep your chin up as you mesh with the rest of your new team.

  • Position yourself as indispensable. Demonstrate your reliability by giving your best to every task. Check with your manager at the end of the day to see if anything else is needed. If you finish a task early, see if you can help with anything else, even if it’s outside your normal job description.
  • Understand the culture. This is, in essence, a company’s personality. For a temp – as for any employee – being able to relate well to it is extremely important. It means fitting in with the norms and behaviors of the company’s policies, practices, employees, and management. When you’re first starting out, keep your eyes, open, listen, observe, and learn.

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