The immediate post-interview period is just as critical to your job search as the interview itself. It may be tempting to pat yourself on the back, sit back, cross your fingers and wait for the phone to ring. But … not just yet! During the 24 hours or so after you leave your interview, stay proactive and do whatever it takes to tip the balance in your favor when it comes to getting a second interview – or even an offer.

You can relax after you do a few more things, such as:

  1. Get contact information and find out the next steps.

After your interview, ask about the employer’s hiring process moving forward. How soon should you expect to hear from them? What’s the next step? Knowing this will help reduce your anxiety and ensure that you follow up appropriately.

  • Get the contact information for all your interviewers. Ask for their business cards – or ask the person who coordinated the interview. Also, track all the key points you discussed, and with whom. Do this as ASAP, while it’s still fresh in your mind.
  1. Write thank-you notes.

In one HR industry survey, 56 percent of employers said not receiving a thank-you note after an interview indicated to them that a candidate was not serious about a position. And, 22 percent said they would be less likely to hire someone who didn’t send a note.

  • Decisions about candidates are often made quickly. So, if possible, send your thank-you notes within 24 hours of your interview. Keep them succinct, and send personalized notes to each person on your interview panel. Thank them for their time, and then refer to some specific things you discussed with them. Leave a good impression with all parties involved, and be memorable.
  1. Connect with your interviewers online.

Use your contact information to connect with your interviewers online. Even if you don’t land this job, this can be the start to building a long-term professional relationship.

  • Start by connecting via LinkedIn. You may want to attach an article relevant to your conversation, their business or make a similar connection.
  1. Ask yourself: What could I have done differently?

As you assess your interview, make note of anything that caught you off guard. Work on any responses that may have blindsided you. Be honest with yourself: What might you do differently the next time around?

  • Whether or not you get this particular job, learn something from your interview experience. Discuss it with someone knowledgeable and trustworthy. Or, do a little journaling about what went well and what could have gone better. This process will also help you determine more solidly whether this role is really, truly the right one for you.

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