Should You Use the Same Cover Letter for All Interviews?


Your resume will be stacked up against more competition than ever before – so be sure to make your cover letter stand out from the crowd. Because unless a recruiter or hiring manager is impressed by your cover letter, they won’t even get as far as your resume. Six Crucial Seconds An employer or recruiter… Read more »

Have You Outgrown Your Employer?


It happens to almost everyone at some point in their career. You reach a point where you hit a wall in your current position and are unsure what steps to take. When you’ve outgrown your job, your feelings of boredom, underutilization, lack of challenge and plain old unhappiness can be devastating. The Writing is on… Read more »

Have an Interview? Do Your Homework


The biggest mistake a job candidate can make is not being fully prepared for an interview. Interviewing is a skill in and of itself – and like any skill, practice and preparation make perfect. Follow these tips to wow your interviewers and demonstrate your interest, passion, knowledge and unique qualifications: Research the organization. Learn as… Read more »

Bored at Your Job? It’s Time to Start Looking


For some people, it’s obvious when the time has come to leave a job. For others, it may not be so crystal clear. Boredom at work often falls into the latter category. You spend too much time at your job to be bored. Constant boredom is a good indication that your future would be brighter… Read more »

Fired? How to Address It in an Interview


People get fired from their jobs every day. It’s horrible; no doubt about it. But regardless of the circumstances, you need to learn from the experience, put it behind you, and move on. Your life – and your career – will go on. And a key part of your recovery is being ready to discuss… Read more »

Top Job Seeker Posts of 2015


The U.S. and global labor markets continue to get back on track as 2015 winds down. It has been a year of cautious optimism following the crippling recession years of recent history. In October, 271,000 net new jobs were added across all U.S. industries. Notable in recent months was a rise in wages in an… Read more »

Email is Killing Your Productivity: Staying Productive amid Distraction


PrideStaff Modesto | Intensify Your Job Search

With ongoing onslaughts of work emails, personal emails and multiple open browser windows, the workplace is becoming increasingly distracting. We’ve all experienced a colleague’s phone buzzing during a meeting or conversation,  and it’s tough to get back on track following these digital distractions. According to a recent University of California study, there are typically only… Read more »

Ask for an Interview in Your Cover Letter


PrideStaff Modesto | Resume Tips to Help You Land the Job

Your cover letter is your introduction to your resume …  and to you as a candidate. It shows your interest in a position and makes a personal connection between who you are and why you’re the right person for the job. Use the following tips to strengthen your cover letter and land an interview. The… Read more »

Start Showing Your Co-workers That You’re Thankful for Their Help


Declining a Modesto Job Offer

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s a great time to show appreciation to your co-workers for what they do for you all year round. You may even want to set your first New Year’s resolution – and make acknowledging your peers at work a regular practice, regardless of the season. Some of… Read more »

73 Percent of Professionals Don’t Love their Current Jobs: Are You One of Them?


PrideStaff Modesto | Improving Team Productivity

It’s tough to go to work every day when the thrill of the job is gone. Or maybe it was never there to begin with. According to one recent industry survey, this is the case for close to three quarters of professionals. Among more than 1,000 respondents, 38 percent said their work was “okay, I… Read more »