5 Reasons Why They’re Not Looking at Your Resume


Your resume is a critical element in your successful job-search strategy. Of course, your resume alone won’t get you hired – but, it is the key to whether or not a prospective employer calls you in for an interview. So … what is it about your resume that isn’t doing the trick? The leading reasons… Read more »

How to Craft the Perfect HR Resume


How can you make your HR resume stand out from the pack of candidates vying for that dream position? You’ve seen countless resumes and you have the inside track on what works and what doesn’t … but, so do they! Take a step back and look at your resume from a fresh perspective. Be sure… Read more »

How to Become the Most Desirable Temporary Employee


Temporary work can be an excellent step to a permanent employment opportunity – or an ongoing option that fits your lifestyle. Either way, it pays to be the best temp you can be while you’re on the job. Working as a temp, you’re a member of a three-sided partnership: the client company where you’re placed;… Read more »

How to Keep Your Job Skills Current


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How do you set yourself apart from the competition when applying for your next job? The best strategy is to take whatever steps are necessary to bring your skills up to date and demonstrate you’re committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. According to the results of a recent study, 63 percent of employers are concerned… Read more »

Following Up Can Help You Get the Job


What happens after your job interview is just as critical as your advance preparations when it comes to the overall success of your search. Following up can have a significant impact on whether or not an offer is extended. Post-interview follow-up addresses a key employer concern: your interest level in the position. It also gives… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Taking a Temp Job


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Companies in the United States hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees every year. The temporary employment industry grew by 57 percent between 2009 and 2014. And in today’s workforce environment, employers continue to look for ways to quickly adapt to market dynamics. Often, temporary workers are their answer. A temporary position can… Read more »

How to Resign Without Burning the Bridge


Resigning from a job can be stressful, even if you’re leaving to take an opportunity that better meets your career goals. Be sure to resign gracefully and professionally, without burning bridges or harming your reputation in any way. What to Say Handle your resignation as carefully and tactfully as you would any other important business… Read more »

Cover Letter Mistakes That are Costing You


Despite what you may have recently heard or read, a strong cover letter is important to your successful job search. Cover letters are not always required, but they can be the factor that sets you apart from other candidates. A cover letter can be the best place to let your personality come through and show… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Your Phone Interview


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Whether you make the cut for a job may depend on your success in a telephone interview. For many companies, this is the first step in determining if a candidate is a good fit to join their team. For instance, if a hiring manager is interested in 15 candidates, they may call all of them… Read more »