The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Hunting While Employed

Finding a new job while you’re employed is a best-case scenario. It puts you in an excellent position to negotiate the best possible deal as you take your next career step.

But at the same time, it poses its own challenges, which if mishandled can result in major, damaging faux pas. To ensure it works out to be the best, versus the worst of times, keep these tips in mind:

Be discreet.

Make discretion your motto as you job search while still working.

  • Search on your own time. To put yourself in the right mindset, block out time outside of work and limit your job search activities to it. Avoid the temptation to review or respond to anything search-related while you’re “on the clock” literally or figuratively.
  • Schedule interviews outside work hours. Consider breakfast, lunch or after-hours meetings. Or, bite the bullet and take time off work when interviews are scheduled. If this is feasible, it’s often the best case, as you will feel neither rushed or distracted.
  • Be cognizant of your wardrobe. Have a plan in place to change your clothes if necessary, so you’re dressed appropriately for your interview without raising suspicion in your current work environment.
  • Don’t drop hints. Aside from the above, avoid commiserating with your coworkers about your interviews or leaving any other indication that you’re job hunting. Even though you may completely trust a person, you’ll be putting them in a tough spot. Telling one co-worker is often the same as telling them all.
  • Don’t use the company network or phone in your search. Always assume that your boss and your company are watching. Getting fired over inappropriate use of company property is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t wait until the last minute. If you’re job searching, update your LinkedIn profile now. It’s one of the first things recruiters and potential employers will check.

Since you are currently employed, here are some key considerations:

  • Keep your listed skills updated and at the same time, consistent with what you do at your current
  • Make sure your photo is professional and up to date, but avoid any other drastic changes to your profile.
  • Before you begin editing, turn off notifications so your network on job platforms can’t see the changes you’re making. Avoid inadvertently sending up any red flags that you’re job searching.

Don’t jump the gun.

You don’t have a new job until you have received and accepted an offer and have signed paperwork. And when that time comes, go through the proper channels in notifying your boss before you broadcast the news elsewhere. Tread lightly and stay discreet.

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