How to Choose the Right Career for You

Your career has a major impact on your life, your future, and your overall happiness and well-being. If you’re like the average person, you’ll spend a third of your life – or roughly 90,000 hours total – at work. If you’re unhappy, stressed or dissatisfied there, it can really take a toll – leaving  you frustrated, anxious, burned out, or unable to enjoy your personal time knowing that another workday is looming.

Not a pretty picture. So, whether you’re just launching your career or looking to make a change at a later point in life, think carefully about what you really want and what truly drives you.

Most people rank job satisfaction above salary in ensuring they find the right fit. So, unless you’re in a situation where you have to take the first available job to make ends meet, focus on your values, primary interests and passions.

Also, be patient: you may have to go down a few different paths before you find the right one.

Try answering these questions to give you additional perspective:

What do I truly enjoy doing?

The activities you enjoy in your free time can give you insights into the most fulfilling career options. Consider your favorite hobbies, whether you like being indoors or outdoors, more active versus sitting at a desk or workstation, and what you would miss the most if you could no longer do it.

What is your personality?

How do you typically think, feel and behave? Personality aspects to consider include whether you’re more of a leader or a follower, whether you prefer working alone or in a group, and are you a thinker who focuses on developing ideas, versus a doer who prefers taking action.

What are your strongest skills?

These include both hard and soft skills. The former are those you have acquired through study and experience. They tend to be more technical and specifically role related. The latter are also known as transferable skills, as you can transition them from role to role and industry to industry, and tend to be more innate. The good news is: skills can be developed and learned at any stage of life.

Where do you want to live?

Closely related to this question is whether or not you want to work remotely. If that’s not an issue, do you want to pursue your career close to your current home? If not, then where? Also related: will you be willing to travel and/or relocate in the future, if those requirements go hand in hand with a new job?

One of your best resources as you choose the right career is a professional counselor who can help you self-assess, set your direction, and carry out an effective action plan to make it happen. You can find that partner, along with a wealth of related resources, at PrideStaff Modesto. Contact us today to learn more.