How to Recruit Top Talent Fast

Of all the reasons for marketing your business, and audiences to market it to, selling your strengths and unique brand to potential new hires is top priority – because without the right people on your team, there’s no hope for your product or service to succeed.

So it needs to happen – and it needs to happen fast. You can’t afford to have critical positions open for lengthy periods of time. And yet, hiring top talent is particularly challenging in today’s competitive, candidate-driven market.

Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true tips you can follow.

Search in the right places.

Go where your desired talent is. LinkedIn is always a great place to start, but extend your social and in-person reach above and beyond to include other platforms, your applicant tracking system (ATS), job boards, and networking events.

  • Programmatic advertising is a great strategy. It uses recruitment technology to help you buy, place and optimize your job ads, making sure they’re seen by the right candidates on the right sites at the right time.
  • Chances are your ATS is a gold mine, especially if you recruit often for the same positions. Run keyword searches. Your ATS may also be able to help you post roles directly to job boards, share listings to social media, and run reports to see where candidates are coming from.
  • Attend industry and recruitment networking events. Bring business cards, company literature and job descriptions. Be armed with a concise, compelling elevator speech to engage in conversations.

Turn to your current employees.

Look within your own organization as you optimize your recruitment plans.

  • Hire from within. The right person for the job may already work for you. There can be numerous benefits: Existing employees already know your business, so you save time and money on onboarding. Plus, you encourage greater engagement and retention as people see opportunities to move up within their own company.
  • Start an employee referral program. No job board or event will sell your company like your current superstar employees can. And, candidates referred by your own staff are more likely to perform better and stick around longer.

Consider a skills-based approach.

You may be missing out on great talent by pigeon holing your search process based on narrow educational, professional experience or similar criteria. Skills-based hiring emphasizes a person’s skills, rather than degrees, as the most important determinant of job success. It also enables you to equitably access diverse experiences and hire qualified candidates from traditionally overlooked sources and backgrounds.

  • Research has shown that hiring for skills is five times more predictive of job performance than hiring for education and more than twice more predictive than hiring for work experience. And, workers without degrees tend to stay in their roles 34 percent longer.

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