The Benefits of Upskilling and Reskilling for Both Employers and Employees

Employees who feel valued and confident that their company supports their upward development are not only better equipped to excel in their jobs, they’re also more committed to bringing their best selves to work every day.

Beyond helping people improve at work, by upskilling and reskilling your employees, you’re supporting a  basic human need for growth.

  • In the 2021 Pew Research Study, 63 percent of respondents cited lack of opportunity for advancement as a leading factor that drove them to leave their companies. In addition to enhancing the lives and careers of your employees, upskilling helps your business retain top talent and avoid losing your best performers to your competition.
  • LinkedIn’s recent Great Place to Work poll also supports the importance of upskilling. In this study, 43 percent of respondents cited a lack of growth opportunity as the top reason they quit their last job.

A Closer Look

Upskilling and reskilling have benefits beyond avoiding costly turnover and the headaches of having to replace lost talent. These advantages include:

Boosted morale:

Reskilling helps your employees see the path to professional advancement in front of them. This gets them excited about the future and deepens their sense of drive, purpose and company ownership.

Increased customer satisfaction:

Upskilling keeps your workforce up to date on industry trends, so they can offer the best service and insight to your customers. And, when clients are happy, they become stronger brand advocates for you.

An enhanced employer brand:

When you invest in your employees’ growth, this sends a clear message to both current and prospective team members that you are committed to them. This provides a solid draw for top talent, and solidifies your competitive recruiting position.

Higher productivity:

As they become more skilled, employees can take on more responsibilities and handle more complex tasks. This reduces errors, improves quality, and helps streamline processes – all factors that ultimately lead to better productivity.

Improved engagement:

If you support their learning, growth and development, people feel more invested in their roles and thus, are more likely to be engaged in their work. Upskilling enhances their sense of pride in their accomplishments and builds their loyalty to your organization.

Greater workforce flexibility:

By broadening your employees’ skillsets, you create a more flexible, agile workforce. This means your company is better able to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions. Upskilled workers are also more likely to be capable of working across different departments, as well as promoting heightened teamwork and collaboration. All this can add to heightened innovation and creativity.

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