If you’re job searching in 2014, you are not alone. An astounding 83 percent of the North American working population is on the alert for new career opportunities this year, according to a recent report by industry Cover Letter Tipsexperts at Right Management.

To land your dream job, be sure you stay ahead of current search trends and developments.

Technology on the Rise
Technological advancements in job searching will continue to accelerate in 2014 – and your electronic footprint will become increasingly important.

  • An increasing number of companies use applicant-tracking systems. ATS software sifts through electronically-submitted resumes and flags content that meet job criteria. Look for online application processes to replace paper in the not-too-distant future. As you update your resume, make it keyword friendly and consistent with verbiage used in job descriptions and postings.
  • More emphasis will be placed on your online presence. Employers routinely check social media platforms and utilize mobile apps and video interviews to screen candidates. Be sure you know how to present yourself on these platforms. Nearly 80 percent of recruiters report success in going social to find new hires, with the top search grounds being LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Remote Work and Freelancing
Employers are acknowledging that often, the best way to attract top talent is to open up employment without requiring new hires to relocate – or perhaps even leave their homes.

  • Telecommuting is a win-win situation. Employers save money on office space and realize maximum productivity and satisfaction from their workers. Employees enjoy flexibility and cost savings of their own as they eliminate commuting and related expenses. About one-third of American workers currently freelance at least part of the time. This number is forecast to rise to 40 percent within 10 years.

The Growing Value of References
Your list of references has always been important. Your resume may score you an interview, but professional recommendations will win you the job in a close race with similarly-qualified candidates.

  • Hiring managers often have a surplus of candidates. A strong reference can be a game changer.
  • Keep your list of references current and complete. Stay in regular contact with those on your list and update your references as necessary.

Traditional Methods Still Work
While there’s no doubt that technological methods are charging forward, it’s still feasible to successfully use traditional job search methods.

  • Pound the pavement. Several respondents to the Right Management study reported that they found their dream jobs by personally delivering their resumes to employers after their online attempts had come up empty. Dropping by a company’s reception desk or making a phone call shows confidence, tenacity and a genuine interest in joining their team.
  • Stay in touch with former employers. With employment rates on the rise again, companies that experienced layoffs in recent years may be in a position to rehire.

Finally, keep in mind that 18 percent of Baby Boomers will retire within the next five years. This will result in a major workforce transition and with that, the door to opportunity swings open.

Working with a career coach can help you formulate the right job search plan, applying a strategic combination of the best tools and methods. Contact the experts at PrideStaff Modesto to learn more.

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