How to Make the Perfect Job Posting

It’s an ongoing challenge to attract top talent. To beat the competition, you need to fine tune every aspect of your hiring process, including the postings you write for open jobs at your company.

Make sure your postings – like all the steps you follow in sourcing desired candidates – sell your organization as the right place for them to work.

Components of a Winning Posting

If the idea of writing or improving a job posting is intimidating, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. These include:

  • Wording and tone: Strike a balance between professional and friendly. Use easy-to-read language and avoid industry jargon.
  • An emphasis on your company culture and values: Avoid wasting any time on recruiting candidates who may not share your beliefs. Play up your organizational culture and what it’s like to work for you day to day. This will enable those whose values don’t mesh with yours to self-eliminate early on.

As you strive for a reader-friendly structure in all your postings, give careful thought to how you communicate your:

  • Job titles: This is likely the first thing a candidate will look for. Strive for detail and clarity. Use specific language to summarize the role. If you’re stumped, put yourself in a candidate’s position. How would you view the job?
  • Benefits: Candidates want salary and benefit details before they pursue a new career opportunity. Be sure to include information on the unique benefits and perks you offer as you finalize your job descriptions. If you can’t quite measure up with your competitors in terms of salary, find other benefits to emphasize, such as flexible scheduling, unlimited PTO or remote options.
  • Qualifications: Using bullet points – as you likely also want to do elsewhere in your posting – clearly outline the skills and characteristics of the ideal candidate for a job. Tip: It’s perfectly fine to make some qualifications mandatory and others preferred. Consider a skills-based

Social Media Tips

 As you strategize the content and placement of your job postings, be sure to optimize your opportunities via social media.

  • Grab users’ attention. Make it crystal clear that you’re hiring as you post on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms. Use video, photos, graphics and other images to drive your point home.
  • Be even more concise than usual. It’s always important to keep your postings clear and straightforward, but even more so on social media. Users tend to have very short attention spans – so grab them before they scroll down.
  • Consider paying for ad placements on relevant platforms.
  • Share links.
  • Focus on search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Encourage your current top-performing employees to share your postings via their own networks. They can often be your best brand ambassadors.

For additional tips on crafting awesome job postings – and all the aspects of your industry-leading talent acquisition strategy – contact PrideStaff Modesto today. Our objective is to deliver what matters most to you: We’ll custom tailor our services and performance metrics around your company and its vision for the future.