Managing Your Job Search: Tips for Staying Organized and Motivated

It can be tough to stay motivated when you’re job hunting, especially if you’ve been at it for a while. And the holiday season doesn’t help. You may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed as you try to keep track of all your applications, follow-up work, contacts and connections, and deadlines.

As the year winds down, what better time to refresh and reenergize? Use these tips to spark your motivation and be ready to move forward:

Follow your role models.

Look for inspirational leaders and subject matter experts, and subscribe to watch or listen to their content. This may spark new ideas going forward. Once you’ve found these role models, set up alerts so you’ll be automatically notified of their new material.

Use your support network.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and bring out the best in you. The positive energy of a strong support network will encourage you to push on and find the right role. It helps to call a friend or colleague, share your goals, get their input, or simply use them as a sounding board. You can also turn to online communities or alumni networks.

Make a social impact.

A great way to feel valued is to give back to others. This also helps you make new contacts, learn new skills or sharpen existing ones, and fill resume gaps.

Be your own biggest fan.

Be kind to yourself, even when things don’t go as planned. Learn from setbacks, brush yourself off, get back up, and you’ll emerge stronger than ever. Encourage yourself the same way you would someone else in your situation. Give yourself breaks to relax and have some fun, but then get right back on schedule.

Reflect on – and possibly tweak- your goals.

Do this as needed until you find the right job. Assess exactly what you’re looking for and what your short and long-term objectives are for that position. This will help you successfully narrow down your search, rather than waste time and energy pursuing the wrong positions.

Make a list of desirable employers.

Knowing what companies interest you will help you complete your goals assessments. Make a list of all of them. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should limit yourself only to the options on your list, but it will be a great benchmark from which to start.

  • This list is the foundation of a comprehensive spreadsheet where you can record all your progress in detail, including names and contact information, dates and deadlines, and necessary follow-up steps.

Find a coach.

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