How to Write a Job Posting that Attracts Top Candidates in Modesto

A job posting is often a candidate’s first touchpoint with your company, so it has to be right. “Right” means your posting has to resonate with desired talent. Otherwise, their first contact with your opportunity may also be their last.

Here are some tips to help ensure every posting is a home run:

Choose your words strategically.

Keep your postings concise. A recent LinkedIn study found that shorter job postings get more applicants. Postings of 300 words or less received 8.4 percent more applications than those that ran longer.

As you craft those words:

  • Start with a compelling title. Make it clear and descriptive of the job. Keep it professional and stick with the basics. For instance, “Marketing Manager” or “Director of Marketing” works better than “Marketing Guru” or “Marketing Genius.” It also makes it more likely that your opening will show up in search results.
  • Be as transparent as possible. Include information about the job and your company that will pique candidates’ interest. And although it may not be the sole factor job seekers consider, providing salary details is also helpful. Research by Glassdoor has shown that 67 percent of job seekers want to know salary ranges up front.
  • Include other perks and benefits. Applicants want to know about health insurance, paid leave, profit-sharing and retirement plans. Focus on any benefits that make you stand out from your competition. Also attractive are remote and hybrid work options, flexible scheduling, and other perks that focus on work-life balance.
  • Be sure your posting is keyword friendly. Just as you search job sites for candidates, applicants search for jobs using specific keywords.

Don’t bury the lead.

A candidate may not spend more than 30 seconds on an initial review of a job posting. So be sure to place crucial elements at the top. Traditionally, in journalism, this is known as an inverted pyramid. The story starts with the most important details and then narrows down from there – just like readers’ attention spans.

As you’re finalizing the format of your posting, also:

  • Use bullet points. They help break down more complex concepts and make information easier to remember. They also help candidates more easily scan your posting to see if they have the skills and qualifications you want.
  • Stay gender neutral. Choose gender-neutral terms to attract more applicants. Saying “salesperson” instead of “salesman” or “saleswoman” demonstrates that you’re an inclusive company that values diversity.
  • Provide contact information and a call to action. Let candidates know what the next step will be in your hiring process, as well as any next steps they should take; for instance, an “apply here” link. This will naturally encourage more people to engage with your posting.
  • Reread and edit. Carefully reread your posting and edit as necessary. Have someone else do the same, as a means of receiving additional helpful feedback.

For additional guidance on writing winning job postings – and partnering with a Modesto industry leader on all aspects of your recruitment strategies – contact PrideStaff Modesto today.