How to Streamline Recruitment Processes and Minimize Costs

The average cost to hire a new employees is about $4,000, as reported by Glassdoor, as industry experts discussed onboarding best practices. Of course, hiring costs can vary greatly according to specific positions. And replacing employees can result in even bigger hits to your recruitment budget.

Here are some tips to help save time and money while ensuring that you hire and retain the best talent:

Write winning job descriptions.

Candidates spend an average of 14 seconds reading a job posting – so make sure yours grab their attention quickly, and hold on to it long enough for them to apply. Keep job descriptions brief and to the point, with clarity in titles as well as all other content. Salary transparency is also very helpful, as it builds candidate/employer trust early on.

Build a talent pool.

As you recruit, build your bench strength of qualified, engaged candidates who either weren’t quite the right choice for a particular position or already work at your organization in another capacity. Have these contacts handy for when you do need them. By pre-qualifying them, you can make your hiring process much more cost efficient in the long run.

Start an employee referral program.

Your best brand ambassadors are often already under your roof. Employee advocacy can be an extremely powerful tool to help you attract professionals who genuinely want to work for you and have a mindset similar to your current high performers. Employee referrals eliminate many time-consuming steps, such as initial resume screenings, ad postings, and cold calling.

Optimize your career site.

Your website is one of the pillars of your recruitment marketing strategy. Be sure your site is clean, mobile friendly, and constantly up to date. This is your own real estate: you have complete control. So, invest in keeping it fresh and simple to use.

Use social media to your advantage.

Another pillar supporting your hiring success is effective use of your social media platforms and presence. The shareability of social posts means friends and contact of your company and its employees and other stakeholders are more likely to grab the attention of desired candidates. Use various social forms to offer a realistic, compelling peak into your day-to-day operations, vision, and the type of people who succeed at your company, as well as links to job postings and your website.

Automate your processes.

While you never want to remove the “human” from “human resources,” you can save time and money by automating many of your more routine talent management functions. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is just one example. It lets you  use software to handle such tedious tasks as screening hundreds of resumes as you narrow down your candidate field. Another option is conducting video interviews, which help standardize your process, filter applicants, and reduce the time spent on each candidate.

For additional tips on streamlining and improving your talent management processes, contact PrideStaff Modesto today.