The Importance of Hiring Ethical and Honest Employees

Modesto Interview Tips

There will always be dishonest people in society and in the workforce. But you can minimize your chances of hiring them to work at your company by integrating ethics and honesty into every step of your employment process.

Dishonest employees can cause irreparable damage to a company, its people, its bottom line and its reputation. A striking case in point is Wells Fargo, which recently fired 5,300 people as a result of fraud allegations that cost the bank $185 million in fines for the opening of unauthorized accounts. The incident affected at least 200,000 customers – and Wells Fargo’s hard-won reputation as a “Main Street lender” is under severe scrutiny following what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau called “outrageous conduct” and “a violation of trust.” Ouch.

How to Hire for Honesty and Integrity

Protect yourself and your organization by hiring only the best people. Wells Fargo learned this lesson the hard way, as they now look to replace 2 percent of their global workforce and rebuild their tarnished image.

The goal is to find people who share and embrace your core values. You can always train someone who is missing a skill. But it’s impossible to implant core values into someone who lacks them.

  • Involve a mix of your best employees in the interview process. They will bring a perspective of high standards and effectiveness to the table,and will be likely to seek out the same qualities in potential hires.
  • Be clear about the type of employee you want. Write out a detailed profile of the attitudes and moral values you are looking for. Then, don’t settle for anything less. In your job descriptions and postings, make it clear your company will accept only ethical business practices – and the penalty for falling short of this standard will be severe. Point out you will conduct full background checks and drug screens on every candidate.
  • Look for red flags on resumes. These may include unusual career transitions or long, unexplained gaps between jobs. Also be alert for job titles that seem out of proportion to a person’s training and experience.
  • Ask the right questions. Delve deeply into candidates’ personal definition of integrity and resilience and how they have handled past mistakes – both their own and those of others. Find out what they could bring to your workplace environment. If they already know and can enthusiastically discuss your core values, you’re on the right track.

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