Email Etiquette When Applying for a Job

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Email is a valuable job-search tool. The account you send your email message from, your subject line, any files you attach, and last but not least, your signature – all make a difference in how you present yourself to a potential employer.

Begin by using full words, not acronyms or slang, throughout your message. Also, use complete sentences and include detailed, but concise, information about who you are and why you are sending your email.

Use these additional guidelines to help ensure your application via email becomes an asset, not a liability, to your successful job search.

Have an Appropriate Account

Have an email account that is appropriate for business use. It may make sense to set up a separate account just for your job search.

  • A variety of free options are available. Check out Gmail and Yahoo for starters.
  • Keep your account name simple.

    For instance, simply use:

Start off on the Right Note

Send your email to a specific contact person whenever possible – versus a general mailbox. Also send a copy to yourself, so you have a record of it.

  • You need a subject line. If you leave this line blank, your message may land in a spam mailbox or be automatically deleted. List the position you are applying for, so the employer is clear about which job you are interested in.
  • Address your message to the contact person. Use “Dear Mr. or Ms. Last Name.” If you don’t have a contact name, use “Dear Hiring Manager” or simply start with the first paragraph of content.
  • Copy and paste your cover letter into your message. Or, type it directly into the body. If a job posting asks you to attach your resume, send it as a PDF or a Word document.

Pay Close Attention to Content

Clearly state your intention for sending your message. Don’t worry about this sounding too standardized; you can use a phrase such as “I am writing in response to your ad in…,” then mention the source that provided you with information about the job opportunity.

  • Introduce – and sell – yourself. Be as succinct as possible, while highlighting your strengths and best accomplishments. Briefly cite the top reasons you would be the best person for the role.
  • Finish strong. If required, provide reference details so a potential employer can verify the information you have provided. Conclude with information on follow-up, to further emphasize your interest. End in a professional, respectful manner, such as “Best regards.”
  • Include a signature with your contact information. Make it easy for the hiring manager to get in touch with you. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. This will provide the employer with more information on your skills, interests and personality.

Make Sure It’s Perfect

Errors on your job application email will not bode well for your success in landing an interview. Before you hit “send”:

  • Complete a spelling and grammar check.
  • Send a test message. Send the email to yourself first, to see how the formatting works.

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