The U.S. and global labor markets continue to get back on track as 2015 winds down. It has been a year of cautious optimism following the crippling recession years of recent history.

  • In October, 271,000 net new jobs were added across all U.S. industries.
  • Notable in recent months was a rise in wages in an otherwise low-inflation environment. This should boost GDP personal expenditures in the months ahead and bode well for both job seekers and the general economy.

In the face of this scenario, what were the PrideStaff Modesto posts of top interest to job seekers in 2015? Here’s a recap:

Ask for an Interview in Your Cover Letter

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The most important element of your cover letter is the confident statement at the end where you ask for an interview. Research has shown that job seekers who do this are twice as likely to succeed in making that interview happen.

  • Let your passion show. As you request an interview, your statement should illustrate your ability to fit into company culture. Show how your personality and work ethic are precisely what the employer is looking for.
  • The most essential part of your closing is your call-to-action statement. Don’t end your cover letter by saying simply that you “hope to get in touch.” Explain exactly when you will do so – and be sure that you follow through.
  • Make it clear how the employer will benefit from your qualifications. Emphasize how your goal is to help the organization succeed. Make it all about the company, not about you.

Follow Up After Your Interview

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After your job interview, you still have a measure of control over the hiring process. The right follow-up can significantly increase your chances for success in landing the position.

  • After a phone screen, send your interviewers a quick email message. Thank them for their time and indicate your continued interest in the job.
  • As soon as you get home, write down your notes and key interview questions. Do this ASAP, before you forget the important details.
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes to each person you met. Make each interviewer’s different and specific to what the two of you discussed. Mail them within two business days.
  • Break the silence. If an employer tells you that you’ll hear back from them and you don’t, call or email. Be brief, polite and professional. Most employers will be impressed by your perseverance, communication skills and interest.

How to Decline a Job Offer

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Declining a job offer – even if you’re sure you don’t want the position – is never easy. Knowing how to decline graciously ensures that you gain respect and protect your professional reputation and relationships.

  • Show your appreciation. Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to be considered and selected. They have invested significant time and energy into researching and working with you.
  • Give a good, concise reason. Be brief and honest about your reason for declining. Don’t leave the employer in the dark or voice any negativity.
  • Stay in touch. If done correctly, declining an offer can help set up a future successful job search. Your goal is to make an employer you turn down feel good about you as a candidate and about their role in recruiting you.

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