Declining a job offer – even if you’re sure you don’t want it – is never easy. But it may be inevitable in order to land the position of your dreams. Knowing how to decline graciously ensures thatDeclining a Modesto Job Offer you gain respect and protect your professional reputation and relationships.

Whether you’re faced with an offer you’d never consider or one that you’d accept if you hadn’t gotten a better one, here’s some advice on saying thanks but no thanks:

Show Your Appreciation

Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to be considered and selected. Sure, it’s their job. But they’ve invested significant time and energy into researching and working with you. They may have gone out on a limb to pitch you to other team members.

  • Say a simple, heartfelt thank you. For instance: “I sincerely appreciate this generous offer.”
  • Consider whether or not you can refer another candidate for the position.

Give a Good, Brief Reason

Be brief and honest about your reason for declining a job offer. Don’t leave the employer in the dark or voice any negativity.

  • There’s no need for drama or details. Elaborate only to the extent that it makes sense. If it was a tough decision, say something like “After much thought, I’ve decided now is not the best time to leave my current position” or “After careful consideration, I’ve decided to accept another offer where I can focus on building my social media marketing skills.” If you really didn’t want the job, simply say “It’s not the right fit at this time in my career.”

Stay in Touch

If done correctly, declining an offer can help set up a future successful job search. Your goal is to make every employer you turn down feel good about you as a candidate and about their role in recruiting you.

  • At the very least, wish the hiring manager the best. If appropriate, reference a topic you discussed, such as an event or conference you’ll both be attending.
  • Send your interviewers a Linkedin invitation. Take time to personalize it. Set the stage for successful future interactions.

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