Far too many job seekers rely on generic cover letters when applying for positions.Cover Letter Tips

Using a standard letter and simply tweaking details for each company says one thing and one thing only to prospective employers: I don’t really care about this job. It’s always obvious when someone hasn’t made a real effort to write a personalized letter. Don’t get caught in this common trap.

Instead of relying on a formulaic cover letter, dare to be different. In today’s competitive job market, it’s now more crucial than ever to stand out from the hundreds of other applications that hiring managers receive. While your resume is usually the determining factor for whether or not you’re qualified for a position, your cover letter is what will tip the scale. This is your first chance to show off your written skills, as well as to introduce yourself and explain why you feel you would be a good fit for their company.

So what separates an average cover letter from an outstanding one?

Clarity and Vision.
A cover letter should clearly articulate why you are applying for a position. It should also detail your most important qualifications and explain what you would bring to the table if you were hired. You want to showcase your passion for the role and make obvious that you understand the company’s vision and hope to contribute to it. 

Research that Goes Above and Beyond.
Anyone can conduct a quick Google search and find out some basic facts about a company. However, a truly great cover letter shows that you’ve spent quality time learning about the company and what they’re all about. It doesn’t just skim the surface but shows real insight. While it might take a lot more time to learn about each company, if you’re applying for multiple positions, it will absolutely be worth it.

A Unique Perspective.
Generic buzzwords can be useful for keyword searches or demonstrating industry-knowledge, but your cover letter is your opportunity to let your true colors shine. Don’t be afraid to offer your own unique perspective. Tell your prospective employer what your individual strengths are and what makes you different. Without fail, the best way to stand out is to always be yourself.



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