Searching for candidates often involves a precise formula.

Many employers assume that temporary staff will be readily available whenever and wherever. However, the truth is that there are ideal times to search for qualified candidates. And knowing when and how to start searching reduces the thinking_2likelihood that you’ll be stuck understaffed during a crucial time for your business.  

So when is the right time to search for candidates?

Well, the first key step is to begin to anticipate your workforce’s needs i.e. when you will likely need to staff up or down. Common reasons for expanding a team include vacations, medical or parental leaves, large projects and annual busy periods. When you begin tracking your company’s patterns and identifying when your team is most commonly understaffed, you’ll start to notice trends. Ideally, you want to get ahead of these periods and create a well-defined plan of action.

In other words, the best time to search for candidates is actually before you need them. You want to have a set of options available when the time comes, or in the event that you need someone urgently. Waiting until you’re already short-staffed and overworking your current team is waiting too long.

How Do I Start Searching?
There’s simply no better way to get in touch with qualified and available candidates than to team up with a staffing firm. Not only do they know your local market inside and out; they also have access to hundreds—if not thousands—of job seeking professionals.

And that’s not all. Working with a staffing team also takes the pressure off your HR team when it comes to finding and interviewing prospective employees.

With a qualified staff on board to interview and screen candidates, you’ll know that they candidate your staffing partner provides you will be ready to work on day 1.


Want to Learn More?
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