Tips to Improve HR Efficiency

Your human resources department is at the heart of your business – yet it’s not looked upon as a profit center. But without hiring, maintaining, and meeting the needs of top talent, how can your company succeed in any of its goals?

With the right technology and mindset – and perhaps a few basic changes – your HR team can become more efficient, have more time to work on higher-level strategy, and truly put their value to your company to work.

Here are some tips to enhance HR efficiency that have proven their effectiveness, especially during the Covid era:

Social Recruiting

You’re lagging behind the competition if you haven’t incorporated social recruiting into your hiring strategy. Utilizing not only LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but also various niche platforms where you can engage both active and passive talent, is a must.

  • The organic reach of social media can make your job ads available to a wider audience and get your company name out there to help build your positive employer brand. And even when there is a cost involved, the value often makes for a worthwhile ROI. For instance, a simple Facebook ad can net significantly more visibility than more traditional tactics like classified ads or job boards.

Remote Recruiting

Remote recruiting was born of necessity and quickly came of age during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time-saving, creates more flexibility, and saves you money on travel and accommodations for out-of-town candidates. You can easily utilize tools like virtual workplace tours and online presentations during your hiring process, reserving in-person interviews for the final rounds, if a person will be working on site or you want to invite them to visit company headquarters.

Automation, Digitalization and Software Advances

Advancements in HRIS (human resource information systems) and ATS (applicant tracking systems) are among the leading areas where automation and digitalization can relieve HR employees of the more mundane, yet necessary tasks that tend to devour so much of their time. You can build efficiency by:

  • Digitalizing onboarding and other paperwork: Especially in today’s remote/hybrid work environments, digitizing paperwork helps streamline talent management processes. For starters, when onboarding new hires, essential documents can be completed and signed online even before a person’s first day on the job.
  • Developing an employee self-service portal: This saves countless hours of work on the part of your HR team, as employees can access their own information and perform related tasks via the portal, without having to contact their HR rep directly.
  • Integrating your payroll and HR systems: Whenever you hire someone or change their employment status or compensation, it requires changes in both payroll and HR, so be sure the two are connected. Find a cloud-based option that will save you time and minimize potentially costly data errors.


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