The Best Ways to Support Your Remote Employees

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Whether your employees are remote or on site, certain key aspects of workplace processes, routines and culture that impact how connected people feel to their company and team members do not change. But it may be a bit more challenging to support these connections when employees are working from a distance.

  • Do your remote workers have sufficient social networking and teamwork opportunities? Do they feel cared for and included in what’s going on at your company?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself as you define the best ways to support your remote employees. Their coworker and manager relationships still need to be meaningful, they need to feel like they belong and have each other’s backs, and there should be an authentic sense of camaraderie and fun, along with a focus on delivering desired results.

Offset feelings of isolation with acts of group kindness.

Remote workers may feel isolated at times. Acts of shared kindness, such as donating to a crowdfunding campaign, can help offset these feelings and keep people engaged and motivated. If you’re not already doing so, also consider getting your team involved in a group charity event that has a virtual aspect. Or, invite all your employees to send one-on-one e-cards of appreciation to colleagues who have helped them out or made significant inroads for their team and/or your business.

Celebrate accomplishments and special events.

Often, the most valued forms of employee acknowledgement and reward are the simplest and most personal. And, they translate just as well to remote workers as they do to those on site. Here are a few ideas:

  • Invite a senior executive to a team video call to recognize employees’ accomplishments.
  • Treat team members who have gone the extra mile to takeout or dinner at their favorite neighborhood restaurant. This not only personalizes your reward, but also supports a fellow community business.
  • Mail hand-written notes to employees’ families telling them just how much you value their loved one’s contributions.

Check in with employees one on one.

In addition to Zoom and other virtual group meetings, set up one-on-one chats with remote workers to check on them, offer encouragement, and keep their spirits up.

  • For new hires, buddies and mentors may be even more helpful to remote workers. They need and deserve extra personal attention as they get their feet wet at your company.

Make time for fun.

Inject some fun into employees’ days by creating an online channel for non-work chatter, where people can talk about their families, their pets, their hobbies and interests, or their favorite sports teams. A few other ideas include:

  • Inviting a musician or other artist to give a virtual performance.
  • Have an end-of-day wine or beer tasting.
  • Start an online Trivia Night, Bingo game or book club.

Like most management best practices, get creative, get input as to what people want and enjoy, and don’t be afraid to go off the rails just a little – in a good way. It will all add up to enhancing your company culture and building employee loyalty, motivation and engagement, regardless of where people are located.

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