A Guide to Organizational Skills in the Workplace

organized desk

How many times have you thought, “I just need to get organized!” when you’re trying to meet a deadline, accomplish a goal, or even complete a simple task?

It’s a good thought – because it’s true!

Well-honed organizational skills enable you to work more efficiently, meet deadlines while producing quality results and, last but not least, maintain your peace of mind in the process. Staying organized can help you achieve greater success in your current job, or do better as you move on to the next phase in your career.

That’s all well and good, but how do you get there?

Here are some tips for mastering organizational skills at work:

Declutter your workspace.

Start with what’s literally right in front of you. It will be much easier to organize everything else if you’re not staring down at a messy, overly cluttered work area. An organized space improves your mindset and productivity by eliminating the stress and extra time involved in trying to find the things you need.

Organize your digital life.

There are two areas involved in organizing digitally: your individual computer usage and shared resources.

  • Properly label and store files and emails in different folders, arrange frequently used apps front and center on your desktop, and bookmark links you visit often.
  • Consider using digital project management tools to manage your team’s tasks and projects.

Step up your planning skills.

Start by reverse engineering whatever you’re trying to plan. If you’re mapping out a big project, begin with the end goal in mind and then brainstorm the steps needed to accomplish it. Then, arrange them in a logical order and set deadlines and timelines for each one.

  • If this feels overwhelming, trust your instinct. This will allow you to get started instead of wasting time second guessing things. You can always – and likely will – make adjustments as you go along.

Focus on time management.

Proper time management enables you to focus on activities that will deliver the most impact. Two things to hone in on are prioritizing and scheduling. Start by writing a to do list. Then, prioritize the tasks on it based on deadlines and expectations. Set aside blocks of time on your calendar to work on each item.

Become a master communicator.

Clear, ongoing two-way communication will help you and your team members save time going back and forth trying to understand one another. In turn, this will effectively streamline workflow.

  • Be an active listener. Listen not to immediately respond to what someone is saying, but to understand. Summarize the points they make and ask open-ended clarifying questions. When the time comes to chime in, be sure you’ve given sufficient thought to what you want to say first and then, be as direct as possible. This is especially important in keeping plans and projects on track.

Whether it’s getting better organized in your current role or setting yourself up for success as you find your next great career opportunity, PrideStaff Modesto can help. In business for more than three decades in the Central Valley, we’re your career resource, networker and coach, all rolled into one. Among the areas we specialize in are administration, warehousing, manufacturing, skilled labor, and finance and accounting. Reach out to us today to learn more.