Learn Why it’s Important to Show Appreciation in the Workplace

Showing your appreciation and gratitude to your employees lets them know that they’re improving, excelling, and contributing to the long-term success of your business. It also leads to increased engagement and loyalty and enhances people’s sense of belonging, being heard and valued, and feeling like they are genuinely part of a team.

Numerous research findings support the importance of making employee appreciation an integral part of your daily MO and company culture.

  • In one study, recognition was the most important workplace factor to 37 percent of respondents.
  • The Value of Showing Appreciation

    Recognizing your employees and showing appreciation for their contributions benefits not only the individual involved but the rest of your staff – and your company – in numerous ways, including:

  • Improved morale: Personal recognition builds employees’ confidence and enthusiasm for their work. This boosts morale, as well as long-term loyalty.
  • Enhanced engagement: Regular recognition and reward systems incentivize employees and their team members to do their best, which leads to boosts in engagement and teamwork and a greater sense of connection to your company.
  • Better performance: When recognition is ingrained in your culture and employees believe they are appreciated, they naturally perform better. It’s a domino effect: better performance leads to higher productivity, and profitability likewise rises.
  • A stronger employer brand: Word spreads quickly – including among current and potential employees. Your efforts will help position your company as a “go-to” employer for desirable talent, which is no small feat in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • How to Show Appreciation

    Showing appreciation starts with focusing on an employee as an individual and what they are doing right. Of course, constructive criticism, and maybe even discipline, is necessary occasionally, but try to focus on the positive aspects of a person and their work.

  • Acknowledge achievements ASAP and in an appropriate way. Recognition is most meaningful in real-time or as soon as possible after an employee hits a milestone. Celebrate small and large accomplishments by providing the right rewards – anything from a sincere “thank you” in person or via a handwritten note to larger awards and more public recognition in a team meeting or company newsletter.
  • Ignore small mistakes. Here’s where well-timed and executed constructive criticism comes into play. Turn setbacks into teaching moments.
  • Why not start 2022 with a renewed commitment to showing appreciation for your company’s most valuable asset: its people? Let the talent management experts at PrideStaff Modesto help as you design or fine-tune your appreciation, reward, and recognition efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop your winning workforce, culture, and employer brand.