Ensure Your Employees Feel Safe When Returning to Work

As you reopen your business, navigating the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to require you to be resilient, flexible, and innovative – with the safety and well-being of your employees top on your list of priorities. There are numerous things to consider as people return to work. Here’s a look at a few of the most important ones:

Open Communication

Everyone is feeling the stress caused by Covid-19. Transparent, two-way communication is more important than ever. If your employees have concerns, they should feel comfortable sharing them and confident they are being heard and understood.

  • Reach out to employees for their thoughts, questions, and opinions. Prepare to actively listen, get feedback, and act upon it in a timely fashion. This builds trust and mutual respect. It also helps your leadership team to better plan and to solve problems at an early stage. And encouraging people to speak up empowers them, fosters their sense of ownership in your business, and helps them feel secure.

Accommodations for Health and Safety

In the latest Principal Financial Well-Being Index, protecting employee health was, not surprisingly, a leading concern among companies nationwide. In fact, 40 percent of business owners said they didn’t want to reopen at all until they felt it was safe for everyone.

  • Assure your employees that accommodations have been and will continue to be made for their safety. Install Plexiglas or other barriers as separations between workstations or between employees and customers. Provide masks, hand sanitizer, and clear, visible social distancing guidelines.

Providing Support

Re-entry anxiety is a real and growing issue. Help your employees manage it, as they may be struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues at this time. Connect people to your Employee Assistance Program or other needed resources.

  • Recognize that this is an unusually unsettling time. Remind people that it’s okay to feel anxious and reassure them that your company will alleviate their concerns and fears. Be aware that the pandemic may trigger pre-existing mental health issues, including substance abuse.
  • Adjust expectations during the first few weeks back. Avoid overloading employees as they readjust back to the workplace. Space out deadlines and minimize non-essential demands.
  • Lead by example. Follow the recommendations you give others when managing stress, taking care of yourself, and utilizing company resources.

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