Learn About the Best Format for a Warehouse Resume

Working in a warehouse involves a lot more than simply moving and stacking products. And in today’s world, tailoring your resume to a desired warehouse job is more critical than ever, as automation is replacing jobs in record numbers. As you craft your resume, you need to be spot-on in matching your skills and qualifications to the position being offered.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

The average hiring manager spends only seconds reviewing a single resume. And speaking of automation, your resume won’t even get that far in many instances, unless it first passes through an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS automatically accepts or rejects a resume based on whether certain keywords have been included.

Your professional, well-written resume should align with keywords in the job description. When it comes to warehouse jobs, some key areas to focus on likely include:

  • Entering and editing inventory in computerized databases.
  • The ability to work in teams and communicate effectively with coworkers.
  • Operating machinery, such as hand trucks, forklifts and pallet jacks.

Quantify Your Experience

Whether your warehouse experience is extensive or non-existent, use detailed, specific examples to quantify your strengths throughout the document – which, by the way, should be kept to one page if possible and two at most. Use hard, measurable numbers and action verbs to tell a compelling story of how you stand out among your competitors.

Your Objective

Target your career objective – and your entire resume – to each specific position and company. This section is easily editable. Look back at the job description, match the wording of your objective with keywords found there, and then highlight what you offer your potential employer. And, use their company name.

  • This not only helps ensure your resume will make it past an ATS, but it also shows hiring managers that you did your research regarding exactly what they’re looking for. Last but not least, it increases your chance of being called for an in-person interview.

Your Skills and Education

The more relevant warehouse skills you list on your resume, the better. Consider:

  • Machinery: The ability to safely operate warehouse equipment.
  • Physical abilities: These may include the capability to lift 50 pounds or more and to properly handle fragile or hazardous materials, according to specific industry standards.
  • Personality: Can you provide clear, precise instructions to coworkers? Accurately record and organize data? Utilize basic math skills to verify the accuracy of various figures?

As you describe your educational experience, list the schools you attended and when, as well as diplomas or degrees, earned. You may also want to add some bullet points that fit the job opening. For instance:

  • Played varsity football and ran track for four years.
  • Earned Eagle Scout status.
  • Volunteered for church and community Habitat for Humanity home-building projects.

It all comes down to looking at what a successful warehouse associate does and then highlighting your accomplishments that match these requirements.

At PrideStaff Modesto, we’re here to help you find the right warehouse job for you right now. Our network, resources, and vast client list are readily available – whether you’re seeking full-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire opportunities. Contact us today to learn more.

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