Making the Most of Your Temporary Job

In a recent survey, close to 70 percent of respondents said they would consider taking a temporary job as a smart career step. Working as a temp gives you the opportunity to test drive employers, try out new roles, develop new skills and build your resume, portfolio and professional network.

Here are some tips for making the most of your temporary position:

Use it to advance your career.

The short-term reason for taking a temporary job may be the paycheck, but be sure to take advantage of the long-term gains as well. You can benefit from knowledge, skills and relationships that will be helpful throughout your career.

  • With each assignment, set yourself up for success. Do your best possible work and invest your full effort for the duration of your time there. This frames you as a valuable asset. Companies who hire high-performing temps often want to keep them, either permanently or for other projects. So, leave a positive impression in every possible way.

Master new skills.

In addition to technical strengths, while working in a temporary position, you have the chance to develop stronger transferable career skills, such as communication, time management, organization and teamwork.

  • Take extra steps to learn new technology, processes and methods. This will help you stay current in your chosen industry or explore a new one. Continuously build your resume and your professional portfolio.
  • Document your achievements. Track your accomplishments during your assignment. Save emails that praise you and your work. Note all your successes, to build your case in the event an employer decides they need to hire someone permanently. If this doesn’t happen, you can use this information as you seek your next job.

Broaden your professional network.

Make networking a top priority, in addition to performing well in your day-to-day duties. Meet like-minded professionals, including upper-level executives if possible. You also may be able to network with key people outside the company, such as clients, vendors and service providers.

  • Start by making personal connections. Be outgoing and friendly, without overdoing it. Then, you can ask people to connect via LinkedIn. From there, you can garner recommendations and have a stronger list of people willing to vouch for your work.

Ask for feedback.

At the end of your temporary assignment, schedule time to talk with your manager and solicit feedback on your performance. Let them know you’ve taken the job seriously and respect their input.

  • Inquire about the possibility of working for their company again. Ask about other jobs or temporary work referrals. Be a consummate pro right up until you leave the building.

If you’re seeking a temporary position as your next career step, consider partnering with PrideStaff Modesto. We have access to a broad range of positions where your unique skills can be put to the best possible use in administrative, IT, customer support, finance, healthcare, production and distribution and other areas. Contact us today to learn more.

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