Learn How to Improve Your Brand to Attract Top Talent

Your employer brand is your company’s reputation as an employer and also its value proposition, or what it offers to potential employees. It should be authentic, sharing “what it’s really like to work here” and providing insight into your culture, as well as candidates’ opportunities for career advancement.

  • Just as you would with your consumer-facing brand, pay careful attention to every aspect of how candidates experience your company. From your job posting and hiring process to onboarding and beyond, keep it compelling and positive. Companies with strong brand reputations get twice as many applicants as those with negative brands, and they spend less money in doing so.

Define your brand.

Create a clearly defined message, tone and feel that will attract top talent to your brand.

  • Make sure your message is consistent at every touch point. These include your career page, your social media platforms, your job postings and advertising, and all other content.
  • Highlight the unique human elements and differentiators that set your brand apart and make it unique.

Your brand should reflect your culture.

Your employer brand is a visible statement of your company culture. This ensures you bring only right-fit talent on board. So when you define your brand, consider exactly what kind of culture you’re striving for.

  • Looking to attract millennials? According to recent research results, 83 percent of them say they’re actively engaged when they feel their organization fosters an inclusive culture.

Put technology to work for you.

Technology can streamline candidate engagement, as well as application, assessment and selection processes and interview scheduling and feedback. Enable your recruitment team to provide an exceptional candidate experience by taking advantage of today’s tech and communication channels.

Treat every candidate like a customer.

Treat every job candidate like the VIP customer they are. Job searchers want to know as much as possible about your company’s expectations, work style and hiring process. In turn, they may circulate reviews about their experience, whether or not you ultimately hire them.

  • Tell a compelling story. You might want to publish videos to bring job postings to life and/or share testimonials from current employees about their own positive experiences.
  • Once you’ve initiated contact with desired talent, keep candidates engaged through regular, proactive communications. Consider tools like chatbots to help people get the answers they’re looking for, or host online career chats.

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