Tips for Becoming an Indispensable Employee

In any workplace, there are people who are indispensable. It’s not about power or position. It’s about taking charge of who you are and making a great name for yourself. To become indispensable, you must commit yourself to making a difference – to your team, to your company, and even to your community, family and friends.

  • As noted by executive coach and podcaster Steven Robbins, when you’re indispensable, some part of the company cannot function without you. In Robbins’ words, “You may have knowledge that is unique to you, a position in the organization that is unique to you, or a skill that is unique to you.”

Do You Want to Be Indispensable?

Of course you do. Because being indispensable helps you enjoy your work more and not have to stress over job security. It not only makes you feel that you’re contributing to something greater than yourself, it also provides you with a sense of validation in what you do at work each day.

As you strive toward this goal, remember that those who say they’re indispensable never really are. Getting there doesn’t stem from ego, but from what others think of you as you help them succeed.

Follow these tips:

  • Do work that matters, not just work that’s easy. Think carefully about what matters most to your company, and focus your time and energy on those projects.
  • Master a unique skill. Find a task that’s essential to the success of your company and become the only person who can do it – or at least, the only person who does it really well. You may have the chance when the person currently doing this leaves, or it might happen when a new business initiative arises. Keep your eyes open and be ready when it presents itself.
  • Go the extra mile. Most employees simply execute, but if you’re willing to take on new responsibilities that aren’t required of you, it will go a long way toward making you indispensable. It also helps to volunteer for projects that other employees don’t want to work on.
  • Help others without expecting much in return. Help your co-workers achieve their highest potential, and take pleasure in watching them succeed. This speaks highly of your selflessness and commitment to teamwork and overall business success.
  • Dedicate yourself to high standards. Bring your best to every single thing you do, no matter how mundane it may seem on the surface. And constantly raise the bar for yourself.
  • Keep your commitments. Do what you say you will do, and never break promises.
  • Embrace change. Be open and adaptable. Help others to do the same and see the benefits of being flexible.
  • Learn from your mistakes. However bad the experience, turn it into a learning experience. Take ownership, grow from it and move on.
  • Stay positive. Don’t be so focused on the finish line that you’re no fun to be around. Be positive, show good humor and have fun. Build your success – but enjoy every minute of it.

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