The Importance of Using Networking in Your Job Search

According to recent research, the average American has more than 630 personal contacts. As a job hunter, you may have fewer, or more – and of course, not all of them will be relevant to your employment search. Be sure to find and maximize the potential of networking on the way to landing your dream job.

One study of more than 46,000 job seekers revealed that networking was 46 percent effective at helping them find employment. Other studies have placed this percentage at levels of 60 percent or higher. The secret to success lies in building relationships with contacts who might help generate information and leads.

Find the Hidden Jobs

Statistics show 80 percent of available jobs are never advertised. Instead, recruiters and hiring managers rely on networking to find and attract candidates.

Use Networking as a Reality Check

Professions and industries are always changing, possibly making your skills and qualifications obsolete. By staying in touch with contacts via networking, you’ll remain up to speed when it comes to your employability.

Benefit From a Support System

Job searching can be a long, arduous and sometimes discouraging process. To stay positive and weather the inevitable setbacks, you can commiserate with others in your network – and on the bright side, have people to celebrate with when you achieve success.

Be Proactive

Use all your relevant contacts and connections as you cast a wide net. It helps to assign yourself a quota, such as reaching out to four people a week via networking calls, emails or social media.

  • Use social events to your advantage. At a party or other function, when appropriate, mention you are job hunting and what you do – or want to do. You never know when or where you might meet the right person to open a door for you.
  • Go to industry events. You’ll find people with interests and goals similar to yours. If you’re shy or introverted, bring a friend to walk around with you. Job fairs sponsored by trade associations can also be very helpful. Ahead of time, research companies that you’d like to speak to, and spend time getting to know their representatives.
  • Optimize social media. Ninety-seven percent of recruiters on LinkedIn use it to source job candidates. And, there are myriad groups in which you can engage to showcase your professional knowledge and meet new people. Visit various discussion boards, such as Jobs Forum, as well as your professional organization’s website.
  • Go back to school. Maybe literally, if you want to take a course to update your skill set. But, remember to contact the career services office at your alma mater. Fellow alumni can be terrific assets to your job search.
  • Set up informational interviews. Meet with contacts to learn more about their companies and what they do. As you build relationships, you can also ask for referrals. Follow through, and be sure to thank all your contacts in writing or via email.

At PrideStaff Modesto, we love helping people find great jobs via our vast market intelligence and client network. Read our related posts or contact one of our recruitment experts today, so we can tell you more.

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