5 Reasons Why They’re Not Looking at Your Resume

Your resume is a critical element in your successful job-search strategy.

Of course, your resume alone won’t get you hired – but, it is the key to whether or not a prospective employer calls you in for an interview.

So … what is it about your resume that isn’t doing the trick? The leading reasons candidate resumes are rejected include:

  1. They still have an Objective Statement. By today’s standards, Objective Statements on resumes are old school. While such a statement does express your goal of landing a desired position, it fails to articulate the specific value you offer an employer; in other words, the reason they should select you over all the other candidates. Instead of an Objective Statement, use a job target or title and a strong personal branding statement.
  2. They lack personal branding. A prospective employer needs to see what unique attributes you would bring to the table, if hired. For instance, are you deadline driven? What is it about you that is especially important to the company? Branding is all about how you market yourself. When all is said and done, an employer has a need to fill. How do you meet that requirement?
  3. Accomplishments are not highlighted. The top third of your resume is where a hiring manager will focus during their initial screen – which, by the way, only lasts for a few seconds. This is your prime opportunity to market your best achievements, as they relate to the position.
  4. They don’t include numbers. Give an employer numbers, facts and figures, so you will be remembered for your past successes. For instance, don’t just state you reduced costs. Include a percentage or a dollar amount. This hard data helps you to further define your brand and position yourself as a leading candidate.
  5. They don’t include enough keywords. An increasing number of companies are using scanning technology to eliminate candidates who don’t fit their hiring criteria. As you finalize your resume, be sure to closely review the job posting and look for keywords. Then, apply them strategically.

Crafting your resume and launching your job search can be daunting. The right career partner can help ensure that you don’t just search, but succeed. The PrideStaff Modesto team would love to help you broaden your opportunities and shine from start to finish, as you land your next great job. Contact us today to learn more.

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