This spring is a particularly meaningful one for job seekers as the economy is on the upswing and companies are hiring again. At the same time, employees who may have been hesitant to pursue a job change in uncertain PrideStaff Modesto | Employment Firms in Modesto California times are changing their tune. The race is on!

This is a great time to review and reevaluate your job search goals. It’s like throwing open your windows to let the fresh air inside. Dust off your resume and your plan of action and take whatever steps are necessary to pick up the momentum. Speaking of windows, this is that golden one between the New Year’s resolutions that have long since lapsed and the hazy, lazy days of summer – and vacation and related corporate down times – that are just around the corner.

So don’t just sit there. Get busy!

Revamp Your Resume
There are many facets to your job search strategy, but your resume is your primary tool. This is the document that opens doors to contacts and interviews and sells you, your skills and your expertise.

  • Make sure it’s up to date. Are there any recently-acquired skills that need to be added? If you completed relevant coursework, are volunteering or doing temporary work while you job hunt, be sure to include this information. It fills resume gaps and portrays you as a go-getter who turns a less-than-ideal situation into a growth opportunity.
  • If you have a strong online presence, build it in. Add hyperlinks so potential employers can check out additional information on you without having to overload your resume.

Clean Up Your Social Media Profile
Rev up activity on your professional and social networking sites. Above all else, remove anything you don’t want a potential employer to see.

  • Update LinkedIn. Be sure all information is consistent with your resume. Delete anything that’s outdated or irrelevant.
  • Revisit your groups. Consider finding new ones to join, dropping those that are stale, and increasing your participation level in those that matter the most.
  • Check out people at companies you admire. Ask to be connected as you build your online presence.
  • Keep Facebook, Twitter and other platforms squeaky clean. If necessary, change your privacy settings. Review any photos that may have been posted since your last check to ensure they uphold your desired image.

Find Fresh Ways to Network
Supplement social media with more face-to-face networking. Remember, the two should complement – not replace – one another.

  • Your network is only as strong as the time you put into it. Set up a schedule to attend new events with people you haven’t met before. Be as active as you can in your professional associations, reaching out to newcomers rather than huddling with the same people at every conference or meeting.
  • Send a quick email to your contacts with an update on what you’ve been up to. Keep it friendly and be sure it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. Make notes on your calendar to reconnect over coffee or lunch.  
  • Check in with your references. Be sure it’s still okay to use them. Update their contact information as necessary. This also reminds them that you’re still actively seeking employment.

Consider partnering with a career coach as you reenergize your job search this spring. Contact the team at PrideStaff Modesto to learn more.

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