The Difference Between Your Resume and Your LinkedIn Profile


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Some people think their resume and LinkedIn profile are one and the same. They’re not – but both are important. They work together to position you for success, and both play a key role in your ongoing career management. Which Is Which – and Why? You use your resume for some purposes and your LinkedIn… Read more »

The Importance of Hiring Ethical and Honest Employees


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There will always be dishonest people in society and in the workforce. But you can minimize your chances of hiring them to work at your company by integrating ethics and honesty into every step of your employment process. Dishonest employees can cause irreparable damage to a company, its people, its bottom line and its reputation…. Read more »

Email Etiquette When Applying for a Job


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Email is a valuable job-search tool. The account you send your email message from, your subject line, any files you attach, and last but not least, your signature – all make a difference in how you present yourself to a potential employer. Begin by using full words, not acronyms or slang, throughout your message. Also,… Read more »

Want to Climb the Ladder in 2017? Use These Tips!


Will 2017 be the year you move up the career ladder and land your next great job? How can you ensure that you get on the right rung to success? Never Stop Networking Face-to-face networking remains one of the most successful job search techniques. The best opportunities are part of the “hidden job market” that… Read more »

5 Ways to Create a Better Company Culture before the New Year


Many elements add up to a winning corporate culture – and it doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, a successful culture grows piece by piece and day by day, by getting buy-in at all organizational levels and paying attention to simple details. Use these five tips to make a better company culture your 2017 New Year’s resolution…. Read more »