Tips to Advance Your Career This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. The calendar is nearing the midpoint of the year, already! And while you anticipate warm weather, vacations, and longer days with more time spent outside, it’s also an opportune time to step back, reassess, and enjoy a brief career breather, then take steps to keep your professional goals and aspirations proactive and on track. Here are some tips:

Take time to recharge.

You always knew vacations were good for you. Research backs it up, showing that time off can boost both your health and your productivity. But time off means time off. It’s not enough to be physically out of the office, but still plugged in, answering emails, calls or texts, or staying mentally at work.

  • There’s a big difference between a workaholic and a high performer. Recharge, so you can jump back into work and your career with energy, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. Now, that’s a vacation!

Set new – or realign your current – goals.

Summer can be an ideal time to reflect on what’s been working well and what needs to change when it comes to defining your career path. Take stock of where you are at this point, while you still have the second half of the year to make those adjustments.

  • Are all your goals still SMART? And are you making the progress you expected when you set them? Which gaps do you need to fill, such as mastering new hard or soft skills, in order to make meaningful progress? And what other tweaks are called for?

Read for professional development as well as pleasure.

There’s nothing like a good summer read. Enjoy attacking the best seller list this summer. But think about adding some professional development titles to your list. It can be another way to keep those skills up to date or keep abreast of the latest trends in your field.

Do you have a stack of industry magazines, newsletters or journals you’ve been meaning to get to all winter and spring? Throw one or two of them in your beach bag along with that chart-topping novel.

Take advantage of summer networking.

Face time goes a long way toward building relationships, so as you’re outdoors at summer events, playing sports, walking, or hanging out at your favorite sidewalk café, take advantage of any networking opportunities that come your way. It could be chatting with contacts you already know or meeting new ones. Just keep your eyes and mind open. You may get more than a nice tan out of your next outing.

Refresh your professional wardrobe.

Escaping to the air-conditioned mall or hitting the outlet stores while on vacation? Beside the shorts, flip flops and Ray Bans, leave room for work and interview clothes. Be ready when the time comes!

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