The Top Employee Frustrations of 2022

Take a look at a few definitions of “frustration” – just in case you need a refresher. The Oxford Dictionary describes it as “the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of an inability to change or achieve something.” And Mirriam-Webster calls it “a deep, chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs.”

Neither one sounds very nice, right? And you certainly don’t want your employees experiencing any of those toxic vibes.

Have you ever wondered what the most pressing frustrations are among today’s workforce? It’s helpful to be aware of them, so you can start taking steps to eliminate any that sound all too familiar.

Leadership IQ recently surveyed 2,553 male and female employees from small to very large companies and at various organizational levels. Researchers learned not only the sources of these workers’ frustration at work but also the alarming fact that 60 percent of them were so frustrated that they were ready to look for new jobs.

Workload Issues

The leading cause of employee frustration revealed by the Leadership IQ study were issues related to their workload, including competing, constantly changing, or too many priorities to handle, and the overwhelming responsibility level that accompanies them. Among related survey comments: “Our company is frantically changing priorities every week, and sometimes every day” and “We haven’t killed off any activities that are non-value-adding, so in addition to doing important work, we’re also doing things that are useless and wastes of time.”

  • Ouch! Be sure to keep communication lines open around priorities and expectations. Don’t assume people are up to date on what’s most important and how your goals and values align with those of your employees.

Staffing Issues

Especially since the onset of Covid-19, it’s been a mounting challenge to keep staffing up to par at many companies. As one survey respondent stated, “Our recruiting process is terrible. We take 5-plus days to respond to candidates’ applications, so even though we’re dangerously understaffed, we can’t manage to hire anybody.”

  • Reevaluate your hiring process. Walk through it yourself if it helps, so you can experience it as a typical candidate would. Clear any bottlenecks and stay in constant touch with prospective hires to keep them in the loop. This way, they can stay engaged even if there’s an inevitable delay.
  • Consider using temporary employees to fill critical gaps. Among the advantages is the ability to “try before you buy.” If a temp meets or exceeds your expectations, you may be able to transition them into a permanent role.

In taking these steps, you show current team members that you sense – and share – their frustration and are taking steps to erase it.

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