This is What Your Employees Need to Succeed

Building and maintaining a successful workforce takes more than just hiring the right talent. Some factors need to be present for your employees to stay happy and motivated on the job. Without them, businesses tend to experience high turnover and dissatisfaction, overall negativity, and potentially irreparable damage to their reputation and brand.

What do your employees need to succeed, day in and day out? Now might be a good time for a pulse check on how strong these elements are at your company:

Mutual Respect

In the workplace, as in all aspects of life, respect is a two-way street. If people feel they’re being treated with respect, they tend to respond with respect for others.

  • Praise and feedback contribute to a culture of respect. Acknowledge employees’ contributions with appropriate recognition. Give them feedback, and actively listen as they reciprocate. Follow up and take action on people’s suggestions to keep respect levels healthy.
  • Empower employees. Reinforce to them that they’re capable of making smart choices and decisions for themselves, their team, their department, and the company. Be accessible and support them, without micromanaging. Make sure every decision aligns with both an employee’s and the company’s goals.
  • A Sense of Ownership for All

    Employees want to feel that they fit in and have access to important information just as quickly as everyone else. This ties in with that decision-making power and gives people a sense that they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

  • Be transparent. Share as much as you can regarding company news, developments, changes, and challenges. Use whatever methods and media work best: town hall meetings, one-on-one sessions, company newsletters and intranet, and simple but powerful management by walking around. Be visible and accessible, and this information flow will come more naturally.
  • Unwavering Leadership

    Give people a sense of being on the right track – or if they’re not, how they can get back there – via a strong, consistent leadership presence. Make them feel assured that their leadership team is capable, present, and trustworthy.

  • Start with an open-door policy. This further illustrates that your leadership team is confident in what they’re doing and ready and willing to listen to employee input.
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