This is How to Give Employees Feedback to Help Develop their Skills

Managing is about more than just making the numbers – although, of course, business results are critical. But you’re not going to get there without an engaged, satisfied, and productive team. And providing the right feedback to your employees on a regular, ongoing basis is key to making that happen.

The best leaders continually coach and develop their team members and help them stay on the growth track, both personally and professionally. From there, those numbers will quickly fall into place.

Base feedback on an employee’s performance goals and growth plan.

Make sure you understand what a person’s personal and career goals are, so you can make sure everything is in sync. Then, base any feedback discussions on reaching those goals to the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings – and stick to that schedule. Once a month is a good general rule of thumb, but do what works best for your department and company. Just don’t let this slide. Waiting for an employee’s annual review does not cut it. Early, frequent feedback nips any issues or problems in the bud and lets your employees know you support them and that they’re on the right track – or how to make adjustments as needed.
  • Focus on the positive. Start feedback discussions by outlining some of an employee’s accomplishments, and show sincere appreciation for their efforts before moving on to areas that need improvement.
  • Don’t send mixed messages, and stay away from the “feedback sandwich.” This occurs when negative feedback is layered between two positive statements. When feedback is provided in a sandwich, your employee may completely forget what you said about their positive performance. Hence, you lose the supposed advantage of even offering it.
  • Be specific. Focus feedback on specific employee actions and their end results. Clear descriptions are much more effective than vague generalities. Remember, the purpose is to improve employee performance, so the more detail you can provide and address, the more likely your meeting will prove successful.
  • Listen. Hear what your employee has to say and reflect back on it by paraphrasing what they have said, so they know you really got it. Don’t interrupt, and wait for the right moment to begin giving advice or direction. Yes, that’s kind of the point of this whole meeting, but it will backfire unless a person really feels heard.
  • Remember, it’s a two-way street. Encourage employees to give you feedback, as well. Then, make sure you take action on it. There’s nothing more morale-quenching than a team member leaving a meeting feeling like they’ve made a difference, only to learn that nothing really changes afterward.

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