There are Many Benefits to Meeting Consistently with Employees

Even if they sometimes make you roll your eyes, meetings at work are still important – especially regular one-on-one conversations between managers and their direct reports. They are forums to discuss current projects and performance, company plans, and career aspirations. They’re also an important way to engage employees and invest in their long-term happiness.

If you only meet with your employees when there’s a problem, you create the wrong expectations.

So, schedule regular one-on-ones. And. Do. Not Cancel. Them. You make think you’re too busy. But you would be wrong. It’s vital to meet regularly, regardless of what else is going on.

  • There’s always something that’s worth talking about. And meetings inspire both managers and employees to raise key issues before they become urgent. They also provide a forum for regular, informal feedback.
  • Need guidelines to get a meeting started? You can always go with asking these questions: “What wins or achievements have you reached since the last time we talked?” (Remember, they can be big or small.) “What are you busy with right now? Any obstacles? What can I help you with?”
  • Develop camaraderie.

    Regular meetings make it easier to discuss and resolve issues and keep communication lines open.
    • Build trust. During one-on-one meetings, both parties get to know one another better and build and strengthen lasting relationships. When employees feel trusted at work, they tend to be more confident and perform at higher levels. They’re also likely to be more forthcoming about issues in their personal or professional lives that may be impacting their performance. Biannual or annual performance reviews can be too little, too late.

    Drive development.

    Research has shown that 87 percent of millennials value growth and development in a job – and one-on-one meetings are the perfect time to talk about it.

  • For all your employees, regardless of their age or other demographics, showing a continued interest and investment in their future is a great way to help ensure they’ll be happier, work harder, and be more likely to stick around and grow with your company, instead of somewhere else.
  • So, continue to meet with your employees – and take the time to actively listen and make each session effective. Remember, you’ll get out of it what you put in.

    For more tips on holding successful meetings and improving overall employee communications, turn to the workforce development experts at PrideStaff Modesto. Because what matters most to you is what matters most to us. We’ll help you develop strategies and tactics geared toward reaching and exceeding all your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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