Helping Others at Work Will Help You Become More Successful

You know the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But did you know the benefits of practicing it at work?

Not only is it the right thing to do, but showing kindness and helpfulness can enhance your competitive edge in the workplace. It demonstrates your collaboration and interpersonal skills and that you’re a good, caring person – someone who could be welcomed to their team. It also has a ripple effect. When people are on the receiving end of kindness, they tend to pay it back, not only to the same person but often to others as well.

Say “hello.”

Instead of just blowing past people in the hallway, smile and say hello. And if you meet a new employee for the first time, introduce yourself and include a few warm words to ward off their feelings of stress and trepidation. Remember when that was you?

  • While you are stuck on that cafeteria line, break the ice and engage in a few minutes of conversation. The time will go faster – and you might even make a new friend, which could help you personally and professionally.
  • Say “yes.”

    Unless the request is unreasonable, say “yes” when someone asks you to do them a small favor – or maybe even a larger one. It works both ways – you never know when you might need a colleague to do the same for you.

    Say “great job.”

    Receiving a word of compliment, recognition, or praise can help a person feel more fulfilled, boost their self-esteem, and trigger other positive emotions. It aligns with their view of themselves, confirming their self-worth.

  • To recognize a co-worker for help on a project or doing an especially great job, send an email to their manager. Another thoughtful idea is to give them a handwritten card. If it’s appropriate, nominate them for an award or honor.
  • Say “thank you.”

    Make eye contact and say thank you to everyone you encounter who provides a service or makes your life easier, even in small ways.

  • Take a moment to acknowledge an act of kindness someone has performed. It will make them feel good and encourage them – and also maybe you and others – to repeat the act in the future.
  • Say “I got you.”

    Know someone who is going through a rough patch, having a bad day, or just in need of a quick boost? Show them that you have their back. It could be as simple as holding the door or carrying a package when someone has too much to handle.

  • Lift a colleague’s spirits by treating them to lunch. Or, fill a box with their favorite treats from the vending machine and leave it on their desk. This is sure to generate a smile.
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