Building Confidence in Your Employees is Essential

No matter how smart or skilled an employee is, if they lack confidence, they will perform below potential and likely be unhappy or dissatisfied at work.

Hopefully, you’ve experienced the benefits of feeling confident yourself, including:

  • Being your best, even under pressure.
  • Positively influencing others. This can be especially helpful when negotiating or selling a plan or idea.
  • Fewer negative thoughts. This translates into freedom from self-doubt.
  • More fearlessness.
  • Willingness and ability to step outside your comfort zone and take calculated risks.
  • Less anxiety.
  • It works for you – and it behooves you to make it work for your employees, too. To build confidence throughout your workforce, focus on:


    Confidence stems from being treated with respect. When you pay attention to a person, their ideas, and their presence, you show respect – even if you don’t always agree with them.

  • When you can honestly allow someone else to be themselves while you do the same, that’s respect. As a business leader, serving as a role model is the best way to influence others positively.
  • Training and Development

    Continually help employees to grow and be better at their jobs and careers. Be sure to provide all the resources they need to do so, starting with a robust training and development strategy. In addition to building confidence, it’s a great way to boost retention among your top performers.

  • In addition to hard job skills, teach people to think openly and look at issues differently. Be sure every hour spent on training provides value – both to your business and your employees’ personal and professional growth.
  • Encouraging Positive Interaction

    Confidence is bolstered when employees feel there is an openness and availability between team members and between staff and management.

  • Everyone should feel comfortable enough to express themselves without reparation. Regardless of their position, each team member should experience acceptance from others, and feel safe and supported.
  • People who bond, support each other. And people who feel that others support them naturally become more confident.
  • Recognition

    When a manager or senior executive shows appreciation for a job well done, it builds both individual and team confidence. It’s human nature: everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements.

  • Be sure to tailor recognition to the individual. Otherwise, it may backfire as it will show a lack of thought and respect. For instance, don’t acknowledge a shy, introverted person in front of a company meeting without first ensuring they’ll be okay with the spotlight.

  • For more tips on building employee confidence and the tools to get there – including training, staff recognition, and more – contact the workforce development experts at PrideStaff Modesto today. We look forward to helping you build and maintain your winning team.