Learn How to Make Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

Temporary employees may only work at your company for a limited amount of time, but they can provide positive contributions and add needed value – as long as they know the ropes and feel like part of the team. And who knows? If they turn out to be potential superstars, you might want them to stick around … so have a plan for properly welcoming and onboarding them, much like you would for permanent hires.

Roll out the welcome mat.

Even before a temporary worker comes on board, consider sending them a personalized letter, email, or small packet, explaining basic facts on your company and what to expect starting on Day One. You might want to include a company baseball cap, tee-shirt, or coffee mug. Hint: This doubles as a great way to extend your brand recognition and positive reputation as an employer.

Have their workstation ready.

Make sure your temporary employees have everything they need to succeed. Have their desk or workstation fully equipped with the necessary tools, email and other computer access as needed, and supplies including a company directory or an org chart of their new team.

Help them feel acclimated.

Temporary workers have the added challenge of needing to get up to speed quickly in a new environment. Make sure they understand their role, responsibilities, and expectations. Let them know to whom they can turn for guidance.

  • Consider assigning temps a mentor. This should be a seasoned employee with a positive, outgoing personality who can introduce them to others, give them a tour, explain policies and procedures, and brief them on company culture. In a nutshell, a mentor serves as a liaison, ensuring they have access to all needed resources.

  • Think of temporary workers as you would any other new hire: welcome them, recognize them, communicate with them, and include them in team meetings. Offer constructive feedback. Keep in mind: you may want to bring them back sometime (with the added advantage that they will already know your company) or even hire them as full-time employees.

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