5 Tips for Motivating Employees in 2021

Keeping employees motivated is an ongoing challenge. But as 2021 begins? Like everything else in the past year, it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Circumstances around work – and life – have changed dramatically for everyone. And it’s more complicated than ever to stay engaged at work when you’re worried about your own safety or that of your loved ones.

Let’s Look on the Bright Side

Start on a positive note in the New Year by using these five tips to keep your team members motivated, regardless of the circumstances:

1. Reward and recognize.
Even though people may be working remotely, provide appropriate individual and team recognition for jobs well done. Managers should be attuned to extraordinary efforts, especially at this time. Since acknowledgment goes a long way, recognize people during meetings or in some other way. For instance, send a gift card tailored to them, especially if it helps ease their daily strain. Maybe it entitles them to some online family entertainment, for instance, or a hot meal delivered to their door.

2. Encourage socialization.
Employees who have gone remote may feel isolated or burned out. Encourage them to share ideas and set aside some time to chat, so they can tell you what they’re doing well and how they’re life hacking. If people experience Zoom fatigue, consider something different, like a Slack channel for people to share articles, photos, and even favorite recipes. And start or continue virtual Happy Hours and coffee klatches.

3. Offer continuing education opportunities.
The chance to advance – personally or professionally – can be highly motivating. There’s a plethora of online content currently available due to public events and programs being canceled. Especially for furloughed or underutilized employees, continuing education can be a major boost. And it doesn’t always have to be directly related to their job. Show that you truly care by giving people the chance to learn a musical instrument, second language, or tai chi basics online. You get the idea.

4. Keep communication lines open.
People may feel out of the loop at this point, especially if they’ve been working remotely or furloughed while others are on site. Keep everyone appraised of business news and developments – good, bad, or otherwise – as much as possible. Continue to ask for their thoughts, ideas, and feedback actively, and follow up on the suggestions they make. Foster their sense of company ownership.

5. Lead by example.
Always a good rule of thumb, make it a point to lead by example. Stay positive and enthused when you interact with employees, even if you feel like you’re having a down day yourself. It will rub off on them. After all, how can you expect others to be motivated when after meeting with you, they sense that you’d rather be anywhere else rather than there?

For more ideas on how to build and motivate your industry-leading workforce, contact PrideStaff Modesto today. We’ll help you make 2021 your best business year ever, whatever the months ahead throw at you! And have a healthy, prosperous New Year!

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