How to Navigate Your Job Search During Covid-19

Despite all the uncertainty of 2020, you can still stay on track with your job search plan. Yes, you have to readjust your strategy a bit. But no, it’s not the best idea to move it to the back burner and spend your free time binge-watching TV and mastering video games.

Continue to lay the groundwork for your next career move. Polish up your resume, network and build relationships, and stay top of mind with employers that pique your interest.

Optimize your marketing tools.

Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and related job-search materials. Most companies are just getting back up to speed following the Covid-19 pandemic, so you may have to exercise extra patience before you get that callback. But when it does come, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Network online.

Most events will stay on hold for a while, so focus on online networking for the time being. Seek out like-minded professionals, influencers, and subject matter experts.

  • Join professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Participate in discussions, post, and comment. Focus on relevant topics that enable you to showcase your expertise.
  • Practice holding virtual informational interviews. Rehearse the process with a friend. Have them ask you questions and give you feedback. Make sure you know how to angle your webcam so your interviewer can see your entire face, and check your background to be sure it looks as professional as you do. Once you’ve mastered the details, invite contacts to meet for virtual coffee.

Stay on the radar.

Maybe you made a promising contact or had a first-round interview with a company before the pandemic hit, and the world suddenly shut down. Check-in via email to show your continued interest – and also your understanding of what everyone is going through right now.

  • Demonstrate a thoughtful attitude. Rather than asking a potential employer to help or respond to you, offer to do something for them. You might say something like, “I hope things are going well as you reopen this summer. I’ve led virtual teams, so I might have some ideas on how you can keep your remote employees engaged.”

Gather intel.

Follow companies on traditional and social media. Keep an eye out for coverage on how they’re dealing with Covid-19 and its aftereffects. How are they treating their employees, customers, and communities? You can learn a lot about corporate culture when extenuating circumstances arise.

  • Set up Google alerts. Listen to investor calls. Then, when you do have a chance to interview, you can show that you understand employers’ current concerns and how you could help address them.

Improve your skillset.

Analyze the skills and requirements for desired jobs. What can you do to match them better? Is there anything you need to brush up on, such as learning the latest version of a software program or completing a professional certification? Do whatever it takes to bolster your qualifications so you’ll stand out from the competition.

Even now, the right job is closer than you think. At PrideStaff Modesto, our best-in-class approach has connected thousands of people to the perfect full-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire position. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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