As you assess your employees’ skills and growth potential, don’t overlook one of the most critical traits of all: confidence.

No matter how smart, educated, or talented they are, people will perform below par if they lack self-confidence. Individuals with healthy levels of it can achieve more new goals and develop better ideas. Plus, they tend to be more engaged – and higher engagement, in turn, means higher productivity.

Put your team first.

Leaders who are committed to strengthening their teams are more successful in earning respect. And making an ongoing effort to improve employees’ confidence is an important step in this direction.

  • Identify each team member’s unique skills and gifts. Have them share them with others. If you reassure them that they excel at something specific, they’ll have more confidence to speak about it or teach it to their peers.
  • Celebrate as a team. Express appreciation for work done well. People crave positive feedback – and a lack of it can do serious damage to confidence and morale.

Personalize your approach.

Get to know each of your employees personally – and actively listen to what’s going on in their work and their lives. Be alert for both verbal and non-verbal clues they may give about any lack of self-confidence. According to one workplace expert cited by Forbes, the most common reason employees lose confidence is because of a bad relationship with their boss.

  • In order to address people’s needs, you have to know what they are. Too many leaders make the mistake of assuming that one employee’s needs match the next person’s.
  • Empower people to be authentic. In the words of Mark Ellis, co-founder of marketing platform company Liftoff, recognized as one of Inc.’s 2019 Best Workplaces, “If we can allow people to be their authentic selves, be transparent in decisions we’re making, where we’re going, when we don’t hit the high mark, why we fell short, what we’re going to do about it … It breeds confidence in our innate to figure things out, and it breeds confidence that you can be yourself.”

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