The Importance of Following Up with Candidates after a Job Interview

Your successful talent recruitment process is a two-way street. You and your company are on trial, just as much as your job applicants. Though it takes time and effort, it’s well worth it to follow up with job seekers after their interview, as part of your overall positive candidate experience.

Show your respect.

Applying for a job can be stressful and time-consuming. You’ve been through it yourself, so you can appreciate why, at the very least, an applicant deserves the courtesy of a response. Moreover, a candidate’s experience will not only inform whether or not they accept the job, but also impact how they portray your organization to their professional network.

  • Optimize the experience. Never leave a person hanging. Be fully transparent and alert candidates about your decision or the next step in your hiring process. Do this as soon as possible after their interview.
  • Personalized follow up is best, but if it’s really not feasible, then send an automated response. Show that you respect people’s time, effort, and consideration of your company as a potential future workplace. And if you have to automate, at least make it friendly and constructive in tone.

Boost your brand.

Leaving a candidate in the lurch after an interview could prove detrimental to your employer brand, portraying your organization as cold, impersonal, impolite, or indifferent. Ensuing negative feedback on social media, review sites, and other forums could do severe damage to your reputation and credibility.

  • According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 83 percent of candidates said a negative interview experience could change their minds about a role or company to which they were previously attracted. In addition, 9 percent said they would tell others not to buy from companies where they had a bad experience.

Improve your time to hire.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), companies reported spending an average of nearly $4,500 per hire – and this does not include the less tangible costs of lost time and productivity while a position sits open.

  • A poor candidate experience extends time-to-fill even longer. Fewer people apply if an application or hiring process is lengthy or difficult to navigate.

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