3 Tips for Handling Frustrated Employees

If one or more of your employees are frustrated, it’s only a matter of time before their performance is negatively impacted. As a result, you will soon become frustrated too. And so will other members of their team.

This scenario isn’t fun or productive for anyone involved. As a leader, it’s up to you to accurately identify the source of an employee’s frustration, make an effort to address it, and come up with an acceptable solution. Follow these three steps:

  1. What is the root cause of the problem?

As you would, when addressing any business-related problem, drill-down, and do whatever it takes to determine the root cause of employee frustration. Only then can you make the necessary changes to make that frustration go away.

  • Talk with the employee right away. The issue is not going to go away all by itself. It’s often difficult for people to take the initiative and come to you with a problem, so if you see any signs – or they or anyone else alludes to one – invite the individual to sit down with you and discuss it.
  • Don’t stop investigating till you’re satisfied that you’ve found the true root cause. It’s better to take a little more time or talk to a few more people about it, rather than try and rush – only to come to the wrong conclusion about what’s frustrating a person. If the process goes south, it can do more harm than good.
  1. How can you make it better?

Once you’re sure you’ve defined the cause of an employee’s frustration, it’s time to take the lead – ASAP – in resolving it.

  • Take swift action. Now, it’s time to move quickly. Your quick response provides reassurance that your team members have someone they can turn to, who sincerely cares about them. As a result, in the future, they’ll be less likely to stress out over relatively minor issues. This all adds up to a reduction in overall stress and frustration levels.
  1. What’s the long-term solution?

Develop a defined strategy to avoiding a similar source of frustration down the line. The best way to do this is by working in collaboration with the affected employee. Turn it into a “win” by making them part of the solution.

  • No one knows their jobs like the people who do them every day. Use this as a learning opportunity and a chance to implement lasting improvements in your business. Actively listen to whatever it is that’s troubling your people and use those lemons to make lemonade. Like every setback, employee dissatisfaction and frustrations can be transformed into advantages if you handle them smartly and strategically.

Job-related frustration is inevitable. You know this because you’ve experienced it yourself. Yet, it’s just one of many talent management challenges you have to deal with as you keep your team and your company on the right competitive track. For additional resources in finding, managing, developing, and retaining top talent, read our related posts or contact PrideStaff Modesto today.