5 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

Fall is here, which means the holiday season isn’t far away. Depending on the nature of your business, you may already be staffing up for the annual seasonal rush. Or, you may need extra talent for special projects or to fill in for permanent employees who are on family or other extended leaves.

Whatever the reason, there are numerous benefits to hiring temporary employees to round out your workforce. These include:

Staffing Flexibility

The ability to bring on additional staff or scale back to meet changing customer demands is a great option to have. Temporary employees can also provide a quick fix for sudden turnover, absences or leaves.

Access to New Skills

Temporary staff can bring new skills, technical knowledge and perspective to their roles. This, in turn, can help you streamline processes and boost productivity. If a project or product requires skills outside your team’s current area of expertise, a temporary employee can provide those abilities to keep things on track.

Cost Savings

While the specific logistics vary from company to company, the process of using temporary help is usually far more cost-effective than making a permanent hire. For instance, you may be able to implement hourly versus salary pay rates, with reduced access to benefits and other company perks. Plus, temporary employees’ payroll and related employment expenses are the responsibility of your staffing firm, not your own company.

Meaningful Hires

By hiring temporary employees, you can “try before you buy” a permanent hire, if this is your long-term plan. In other words, you can evaluate temps over a period of time without committing to a permanent offer. You can also alleviate the pressure to fill an unexpected opening in your permanent staff. Filling the role with a temp during your recruitment process allows you to take the time you need to find the right hire.

Boosted Morale

When employees are forced to work extensive overtime, double shifts, nights and weekends – or take on added responsibilities due to the absence of a team member – morale can quickly plummet. Your permanent employees will feel the stress and as a result, may become exhausted or burned out. Offering temporary help ensures that your core team stays happy and productive.

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