Why It’s Important to Have a Project Manager

On paper, a project manager may look like an unnecessary HR expense. Does this employee really deliver significantly towards profitability and your bottom line?

You may not think so at first – but launching key projects without a good manager at the helm is a recipe for failure.

There’s no doubt that qualified project managers can be costly – up to 20% of an overall project budget, according to some estimates. But, as much as you may think you can’t afford this expense, in reality, you can’t afford not to hire a reliable project manager. They are what hold the team and client together and successfully navigate everyone – and everything – through to completion.

Great Project Management Defined

The best project management equates to much more than staying on budget and on time. It can be what sets you apart in terms of delivering a quality, timely and effective product or service, as it keeps everyone on the same page to get there.

Here are some reasons why the right project manager is so vital:

  • They ensure good customer service. This means delivering the finished product or service on time, within budget, and with real value. And, if things veer off course at any point, a good manager will bring them back on track without significant interruption.
  • They bring leadership and direction to projects. Effective project management provides coaching, motivation and vision. It removes barriers, ensures ongoing communication between team members, and inspires everyone to perform at their best.
  • They build clear lines of accountability. With the right project manager in place, there is no confusion about who’s in charge and who controls what’s going on at any given time. They enforce the process from start to finish because, ultimately, it’s their responsibility to ensure that a project succeeds.
  • They provide a consistent focus on results. Project managers prevent any vagueness or confusion about what each team member is supposed to be doing, at what time, and for what reason. The foresight and maturity to see the big picture is what differentiates high-performing project managers from those that are subpar.
  • They are critical to quality control. A dedicated project manager helps ensure that the quality of your product or service consistently hits the mark. Without the right person in this role, tasks may be underestimated, schedules unrealistically tightened or critical processes rushed.

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