Have You Not Been Getting Called for Job Interviews? This May Be Why!

Getting called by an employer to come in for an interview as a result of your resume or other efforts isn’t like a game of horseshoes. You don’t get any points for “almost” achieving a perfect hit. The form rejection letter never says, “For what it’s worth, you were so close … “


How can you improve your track record and help ensure the next time your phone rings, it will be someone calling to confirm that coveted interview appointment?


Make sure all your applications materials open.


Test this out by sending your resume and any collateral documents to about five close friends and family members. Ask all of them to open them on their computers, phones and mobile devices. If anyone has issues, figure out what they are and resolve them – before you submit anything to a prospective employer.


Address your cover letter to a real person.


“To whom it may concern” is unacceptable in this day and age, when, with just a little effort, you can learn the name of the HR or hiring manager to whom you should address your cover letter. (Hint: If you’re stumped, try LinkedIn.) Doing this also shows your initiative, interest, and enthusiasm about the position.’


Follow all directions.


Take the time to read all the instructions associated with applying for a job. Then … wait for it … follow them. All of them. They’re there for a reason. They not only make the hiring manager’s job easier, but they also show that you’re thorough, detail-oriented and good at project follow-though, from start to finish.


Optimize your online presence.


Employers and recruiters will check you out online. You can count on it. Clean up all your social platforms and make sure your profiles are professional and savvy. If your friends have posted questionable content that includes your name or image, have them take it down. If you have any doubts about this, keep it in perspective: It may be the first – and only – impression an employer forms of you.


Are you Googleable? Make sure of it!


After you’ve cleaned up any less-than-sterling social media content, make sure you have a strong positive online presence. Google yourself. Make sure that, at the very least, you show up in a good light on LinkedIn. If your name is a common one, find a way to set yourself apart from the other Sam Smiths or Susan Jones who are listed countless times.


Let’s cut to the quick: You want this interview. You’ve worked hard on your resume, cover letter, portfolio and even the perfect suit to wear. What’s the missing link? To help close the deal and guide you successfully through all the steps of your job search process, contact the career counseling experts at PrideStaff Modesto today. Your success is our passion – and we look forward to making it happen for you!

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