Learn Five Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

If you struggle to find top talent, you’re not alone. While U.S. unemployment rose slightly in June to 3.7 percent, May’s rate of 3.6 percent marked a 49-year low. It’s a candidate-driven market – nice for the overall economy, but often stress-inducing for overworked hiring managers.

  • In one recent survey, 48 percent of small businesses reported there were few or no qualified candidates for their open positions.

It’s not surprising that an increasing number of companies are turning to staffing agencies for the resources and market intelligence they need to recruit the right people for their teams. Here are five ways a staffing agency can cure your hiring headaches:

  1. You’ll save money. When you hire a new employee, you have to dedicate significant manpower to the process. And if you make a hiring mistake, the collateral damage can be devastating. Staffing agencies are experts at vetting candidates before sending them to you. Ultimately, this helps reduce turnover and the risk of costly bad hires.
  2. You’ll save time. It takes an average of 23 business days to hire someone. Think of all the tasks and steps involved: writing a good job description, sifting through piles of resumes, pre-screening and interviewing candidates, and more. Your agency can do much of your recruiting legwork for you. Then, you can focus on reviewing and meeting only the cream of the crop – and selecting the right person.
  3. You’ll get better candidates. Choose a staffing agency that knows and has experience working with your industry. The best agencies get to know your company and your team members and become a seamless part of your culture. They combine this with their access to an extensive pool of candidates, including passive job seekers. They know how to interpret resumes, which interview questions to ask, and how to determine a good match.
  4. You’ll reduce your hiring time. Your staffing agency partner will help you get good talent in the door faster, as they dedicate all their time to hiring. They’ve built their network of talent over time and continue to grow it on an ongoing basis. They may already be in contact with just the candidate you need to fill your current business-critical opening.
  5. You’ll have more flexibility in staffing. More than 15 million contract employees are placed in the course of a year, according to the American Staffing Association. Your agency can accurately determine and efficiently fill your needs, whether they call for contact, temporary or permanent employees. Perhaps your demands are seasonal or you have a one-time project that calls for extra hands on deck. Or you may want to “try before you buy” and assess a temporary worker as a possible consideration for a full-time hire. As an added plus, while these employees work for you, they are employed by your agency. So, you don’t have to worry about their pay, benefits or related employment details.

If you need reliable staffing solutions and better access to hard-to-find talent, contact PrideStaff Modesto today. We’ll customize a strategy to meet all your needs and help ensure higher productivity, engagement and profitability. We look forward to sharing your success!